It’s New Planner/ Diary time :)

Guys, this is the very best time of the year.

Time to get a new diary/ planner.

Time to start reviewing 2016 so you can close off this year completely and thoroughly.

Time to start thinking about 2017 and setting new intentions.

I bought the whole Shining Year caboodle this year and I expect a big box of goodies to arrive on my doorstep very soon 🙂 And then you will see me playing with all my stuff on Instagram. I can’t wait!

You all know I’ve been using the Shining Year workbooks for many shining years (sorry, I couldn’t resist!) and usually I get the digital version. See right sidebar for pic. —->>

This year, I will still have access to the digital verson (yay – I can print as many of those lists as I like!) but I will have a nice printed and bound physical copy of everything too.


What about the bullet journal?

I see my bullet journal playing very nicely alongside my shining year goals diary just as it did this year alongside my diary.

For those who want the physical stuff – the printed, spiral-bound workbooks, diaries, to-do list pads, calendars and so on.

I’m posting this now because the physical stuff sells out quickly. If you want it, pop over and get your copies now.

For those who want the digital version…

There is no real rush. The only rush is your own impatience 🙂 Feel free to wait til payday.

Something to note – for some reason, the digital versions of the life and business workbooks are still exactly the same price as they were last year. Get yours quickly.

goalsdiary2A quick word of caution

Leonie is hippyish and I’m…. not. So every year there are two pages of the workbook I tear out and then I’m happy again. Something about oracle readings and medicine bags. The rest of it is just fine for my straightlaced personality. Here you go.

What do I recommend for my South African readers?

Get the e-book bundle – it has the life, biz and diary e-versions for a seriously great price. Then you print it two-sided at your local Postnet. Phone around – the different branches have different prices!

Now, when you do buy your version and start working through it, please do tag Organising Queen on Instagram so I can come see your photos 🙂

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