How I made my kitchen a happy space on a very small budget

Remember I mentioned that I wasn’t very inspired by my kitchen?


I LOVE the size, and that there’s plenty of counter space and storage even with no cabinets on the top in most of the kitchen. I even counted and I’m sure we could have 6 people comfortably working on different things in the same kitchen.

The point is that the bones are good; it just needed some updating.


Now updating usually comes in the form of a renovation which I am not a lover of for two reasons: 1) extreme mess and lack of control…… and 2) renovations cost a lot of money. Apparently a good rule of thumb is 1/10th of the house’s price which is super crazy. But that’s my opinion.

So then I happened upon a green kitchen on Instagram and I was like OHHHHHH, I LOVE THAT.

I love green very much.

Dion had some reservations that it would be too green (is there such a thing?!) but trusted me.


I was busy picking out the exact green when I saw a navy blue kitchen and I thought OOOOH now that’s lovely.

I showed him and he was much more into the navy.

I just wanted COLOUR and non-boringness so I was game to try the blue.

You see, I love The Nester’s advice. She said once, “if you hate something anyway, there’s no harm in taking a risk”. So true.

We ended up painting the walls and ceilings white and the cupboards are now NCS S 6030-R90B Seaside Breeze.

Best of all, we all LOVE our new kitchen. And the very best news is it cost just a fraction of a true renovation.


Other small things we did…

  1. replaced the mixer
  2. put up shelves

And the minute we’ve saved enough money, we’ll redo the flooring. In fact, if you have flooring people you’d recommend, please tell me in the comments. I only have two quotes which are both far too expensive.

Some more photos of my navy kitchen:





Have you ever painted your kitchen cupboards?

What colour would you do yours?

PS The blue kitchen pics were taken in midday sun so the light was very bright. The kitchen looks a bit darker at night.

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  1. Looks way nicer!

  2. Terisha says:

    I love your new kitchen color. It’s also very cheery and a happy space to be in. I love bright colors but was not brave enough when we did our kitchen reno last year. I am trying to bring some color into our kitchen with accessories in duck egg blue and yellow. I was telling Ugeshan how organized your home is. I saw your folder with appliance manuals in the basket with recipe books and am going to borrow that idea going forward.

    • Marcia Francois says:

      Ooh, those pops of colour sound amazing. BTW Mr P Home has some lovely duck egg blue crockery in – I’m debating between getting rid of some of mine to get a set….

      Thank you for the compliment – and next time, you’re very welcome to scratch around and poke in the cupboards and files if you want to see something properly!

  3. Lack of colour is the downside to renting, it’s why our crockery etc is in colour. The blue kitchen is amazing.

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