A few of my ideas for super easy Christmas decor


You guys know I like things really simple.

I have one or two decorating tricks up my sleeve that I pull out every Christmas that seem to work for me! Because I do the same things over and over, I actually store them in ziplocs that say “vases in lounge and diningroom” or “decorations for fruit bowl”. It’s easy for me and easy to delegate to the kids who always want to help.

I will say that I was a bit dismayed when I thought of decorating this house because there aren’t many walls (it’s a house built for the view!) to hang things. But I found places for most of my things (basically, every spare nail that I found got a stocking or a Christmas word, and I also put up some hooks) and they don’t even look too disjointed.

I don’t have a place for Christmas cards at all. The cards have been diminishing year on year (last year we got 5 in time for Christmas and 3 in the week following) so I’ll Prestik them to our diningroom hutch, if any do arrive.

Where do you display your Christmas cards?


Those are all my Christmas CDs.

I saw a really good idea in Gretchen Rubin’s comments months and months ago, the episode where they discussed how she tosses the cards once all the family members have had a look at it. Someone said they keep them on the coffee table in a basket so people can look at them over the Christmas season. Mine have been out and so far no-one’s looked at them… I’ll let you know if that changes 😉



After the big Konmari of 2015 (as I now call it), I ended up with very few vases. But the ones I love, use and that spark joy are all big clear glass ones.

Basically, I just fill them up with Christmas decorations. Not a crazy mix of colours, but a maximum of two main colours.

Fill up vases, arrange on a table, sideboard, coffee table, or end table and they honestly look gorgeous.

The same principle works for using extra glass fruit bowls – use a wreath and Christmas balls, or pine cones!



Tinsel & strings of beads

Pep stores (South African readers) has strings of beads for R12 – R14 each. I bought some last year and a lot more this year.

Yes, I drape a few strands around my tree but I also channel my inner Nester and “artfully” arrange them on flat surfaces. They look super cool. This year the kids have taken to writing their names with the strands 🙂

I also drape tinsel on everything that stands still long enough, even my huge canvases.


Choose one or two main colours

My colours are red and silver. Mostly. I bought a red chindi rug which I’m using on the table after seeing this exact idea in a show house.


I had some blue decorations that I didn’t use last year but this year I moved them to the kitchen and they work well there.

I also have a lovely purple wreath that I use as a centrepiece on the diningroom table. That’s my exception which I should probably move but it does make me so happy.


Hope you enjoyed seeing a few areas of my home! Full confession – I added a few more low-maintenance items (more tinsel and beads) since these photos were taken but I’m not going to re-take pics 🙂

What are your Christmas decorating tricks?

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  1. Terisha says

    Love these ideas and your house looks so festive. Might try a couple of them if I have the right stuff. We also don’t have a lot of wall space in our house.

  2. Wanda van Rooyen says

    I love it Marcia!!
    Thank you for the link. 🙂

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