What I learned in January

I’m so excited by the beginning of the year and this, my first, What I learned post of 2017.

I get slightly antsy if I have absolutely nothing scheduled to look forward to

I’ve always known I need to schedule a holiday or book leave as soon as I’m back from work. So during my second week back, I wrote out all the public and school holidays on my calendars, and then I put in leave for the next two work days next to public holidays. That got me started.

I then identified good breakaway times and we’ve booked our first holiday for the year. Yay!

The same is true for scheduling socials so I scheduled a few for late Jan/ early Feb and that’s been great.

Spicy pork sausages are actually chili

I love pork sausages. There were some limited edition spicy sausages at the shops and I (optimistically) thought they’d be just spicy. Instead, they’re so hot none of us could eat them.

Have a things to buy page in your bullet journal

I started a page in my bullet journal called things to buy. So useful and I’m not sure why I didn’t do this sooner.

Now, when I’m at a specific shop, I check to see if I need anything from that shop.

These are personal things, not groceries, so they’re almost never urgent.

Online shopping is magic

I firmly believe that one of the reasons I’m a happy person is that I truly delight in small things. Like online shopping.

It really feels like magic to me.

The other day while emailing a friend, I remembered that I’d been wanting to buy a scale. I’m one of those people who needs the Strategy of Monitoring to keep my weight stable.

I went onto the site, ordered the first scale that was suitable and the next morning before I’d even left for work, the scale was delivered.


More magical was that I didn’t have to go to a mall, find parking, and stand in queues. Yay. And double yay for free shipping!

The kids were totally ready to be in separate classes

Our twins spent their first two years of pre-school forced to be in separate classes. Then they had two great years in the same class at “big school” and now, in Grade 2, they’re separate again.

It’s meant much more organising on our parts (different days for PE, etc.) but it’s been good for the kids. They’re developing their own sets of friends and relationships with their teachers and best of all, no more “Mummy, K said this or C did that” 🙂

What did you learn this month?

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  1. I really liked this post and the idea of what you learnt in this month. I also need to have something to look forward to, in order to keep me motivated. The list of things to buy in your bullet journal is such a brilliant idea. I used to make a list a long time ago, but stopped as I always didn’t have it with me so it wasn’t effective. I do have a list of book I want to read in my bullet journal and that makes shopping for books when I am out very easy. Can I ask where you do your online shopping? I only buy from takealot and readers warehouse. In January I learnt that I can’t do it all, I need to ask for help. And asking for help doesn’t mean that I am incompetent.

  2. Hi Marcia! I don’t want you to think that no one is reading your posts! I live in Indiana and since we are on the opposite sides of the earth I enjoy your saying you do better in cooler weather when it’s COLD here! Like really cold! You have and continue to inspire me. I am a total time optimist and struggle with knowing my limitations but I know its a process and I’m certainly better than I once was. Keep inspiring!


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