What I want more of this year

In addition to the reflecting I do every year in my Shining Life workbook, I also like to ask myself two questions:

  1. what do I want more of in my life this year?
  2. what do I want less of in my life this year? (hint – it’s not just the opposite of the first question!)

Today, I’ll share my answers to the first question and in a few weeks, I’ll share the second question’s answers.


Last year we had two holidays (Jan and July) due to the house buying and selling… and our next one is only due at the end of April which is a L O N G time to wait. I need at least one every 6 months or so 🙂 2014, my year of shine, was a great holiday year – we had 4 holidays in the same calendar year.


I’ve been tracking my sleep since I got my Fitbit but it’s been a proper goal of mine to have 7 hours 30 on average every day. It takes work to get there but I feel amazing when I do get good sleep. I’m pleased to say I finished 2016 with an average of 7 hours 32 for the year.

quality time with D and the kids

With the house business, I got a bit slack with having our monthly dates. I like to have two with Dion and one with each child. We all enjoy the time when we do have our dates so this is important for all of us, but obviously, I’m the Goal-Setting Queen.

fitness, strength and vitality

I really need to find something to do on one more day in the week, something to build strength. I hate working out by myself though so I’ve been looking for a Barre class. Sadly, the one at my gym has stopped so back to the drawing board. If I can’t find a suitable class, I’m going to have to look for a personal trainer because I really need to strengthen my core.

true connection with friends and fun with like-minded people

I have tons of friends. But life-giving time with friends to me means connecting properly. I want more true connection and vulnerability instead of superficial conversation although that has its place, of course. I’ve started a God Centred Mom podcast club with a friend where we listen to a podcast and get on the phone to chat.

For the second part, I’ve started a book club. I may still do the odd crafternoon with friends, but the book club just speaks to me on so many levels since reading is my very favourite thing to do.

writing time

I want to write more this year, perhaps put together a new product or two. I’ve never had a shortage of ideas but I want to focus my attention properly.

clarity from God about ministry

I sometimes feel like I peaked too early in ministry. We were pastors and ran small groups, and I ran a ministry where we helped people to discover their passion and God-given gifts for 6 years (this was my sweet spot)…. and then we had kids and everything stopped. I did talks at my church once a month for a year which was fine but I could feel it wasn’t 100% in my sweet spot. I did some training again in 2014 so it was awesome for 2 months, but then nothing since then.

One of my deepest fears is dying with my potential still locked inside of me.

But I have no idea what to do or how to go about it.

So friends, if you’re prayers, please pray with me about this. I am very willing and very able, and I want to start impacting people again.

But back to you, what do you want more of in your life this year?

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