What I learned in February

I love doing these monthly round-up posts.

The only snag is I feel like I’m talking to myself and just to one other person 🙂 So this month, can I ask you to just write a little comment and tell me ONE thing that stood out about your month – good, bad, ugly, whatever. It’s so good to share.

This month has been interesting in that it’s the first month of My Year of Happy.

My focus was on relationships and increasing connection, and here’s how that went:

  1. after getting lazy about Valentine’s presents and such, I actually bought one for D, arranged notes and chocolates for the kids, and for their teachers (when does the teacher thing stop?)
  2. D and I also set a small goal for the rest of the year – to do one thing each month for us. This month it was to properly talk every day, even if just for 5 minutes. And it’s been great not talking only about logistics 🙂
  3. I’ve had dates with both kids, and D and I went to see West Side Story.
  4. I’ve made time for friends. This one is interesting because I always do, but I think I’ve found the perfect comfort number for socials per week (2!), whether in-person or phone dates.
  5. I sent out three birthday cards (it’s a big birthday month), a get well soon card and temporary tattoos to my niece and nephew.
  6. I think the biggest change for me was this – because I was conscious about my month’s intention to connect more fully, the minute someone popped into my mind, I phoned/ whatsapped/ smsd/ made the lunch date/ tea instead of saying “I’ll do it later”. And I’m so glad I did because life is short!

Other things I learned:

  1. I love the cooler weather and really am happier and more productive when the weather’s not as hot. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I love grey skies (#marcialoveswinter and #marcialovesautumn).
  2. Book club is a good thing. I started a book club and we had our first meeting on the first Saturday of Feb to discuss Big, Little Lies by Liane Moriarty.
  3. I discovered that we can access free ebooks and audio books through our libraries’ Overdrive app. Here’s a  post I wrote about Overdrive for South Africans.
  4. Podcast club – like book club, but for podcasts. I started a God Centered Mom Podcast Club with a friend. At the moment it’s just the two of us but it’s so easy. We agree which episode to listen to and chat every second Thursday evening for an hour on the telephone. If you live near a like-minded friend, you could meet at each others’ houses for tea but alas, she’s in Cape Town.
  5. My head is much clearer when important things are either done or scheduled. I had some financial things to finalise, all my medical stuff to do and I scheduled a dental procedure for next week (which I’m not thinking about at all :))

Did you have a focus for this month?

What is ONE thing you loved/ hated/ learned this month?

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  1. This month my goal was to exercise five times a week. I did it. I had to really make it a priority and I’m glad to say it worked. I’ve gotta say that many of my other goals went by the way so perhaps fewer goals for March and a fresh look at how I can make them happen!!

    • wow, that’s an awesome goal that you reached!

      I’m not surprised others fell by the wayside – exercising 5 times a week is at least a 10-hour time commitment with travel, let alone showering and hair washing (in my case)

  2. How is it the end of Feb already? The month got away from me. Too much was going on. We had a big prayer towards the beginning of the month. Then Ugeshan’s grandmother past away mid month and we had to go to Durban. Kaylan was not himself for a couple of days and then we have to give him our undivided attention all the time to prevent a meltdown. It can be exhausting. So not a lot got done in Feb. I am so behind in my studying as well. But its a new month, new goals, new plan!

  3. I cannot believe teachers get Valentines presents… I would so be the worst school parent ever, it wouldn’t even occur to me!!! Right now everything here is get to gym, get through school, collapse repeat… this month I have to figure out where in the day I am going to blog because I cannot get up at 5:30 in the A.M.!!! And still blog half the night… steep learning curve like you cannot believe. But I am getting fitter for it and doing stuff I no longer thought was possible… so that is all very good.

    • You have a BIG goal to get up early and do all that exercising this month 🙂 but I know you can do it. I think you need to possibly relax the blogging to two posts a week and write them on a Sunday (or your day off from gym)

  4. I really respect how intention you are with your time and actions and I enjoy following along.

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