What I learned in March


Happy Thursday!

It’s almost the end of March and look, we’re already one month into autumn.

Before I tell you about what I learned this month, here are some fun links you may have missed:

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Here’s what I learned this month:

Having mental and emotional stress weighs you down physiologically

I had a meeting this month and seeing this person this time vs last time was amazing. He’d made a decision in his business to ease some considerable mental stress and you could visibly see how lighter he felt 🙂

It was quite eye-opening and a good reminder that we may not say things but our bodies are shouting them loud and clear.

A podcast is all about the sound… and voice

I actually told a friend about a new (at the time) podcast, listened to a few episodes myself and decided I didn’t enjoy it.

I decided to try again after about 4 – 5 months so I downloaded 4 episodes based on their description but no, I could not even finish listening to one 30-minute episode.

“I can’t stand all the laughing” – something I never thought I’d say but it’s true.

I can read the blog, but the podcast drives me nuts… in a bad way 🙂

My imagination is worse than reality

I had my dental procedure scheduled for the first week of March.

I don’t like the dentist at the best of times so I was really very anxious.

And…. it was a million times better than I expected.

The only real pain was on the days I did lots of talking, like weekends with the kids 🙂

It’s so much fun shopping for others

I’m participating again in my friend’s library project so I briefed the kids, and off we went to the bookshop to choose 4 books to help build a library.

My gosh, it was so fun choosing books – much negotiation happened but finally we chose 4 Enid Blyton books in a series as we felt that would stand the test of time 🙂

If you believe in the value of reading and would like to participate in some way, please click over, read and order a book or more for the project. If you’re not local, Readers Warehouse, Takealot and many other online retailers offer shipping directly to the Cape Town address.

And that’s all for now.

What did you learn this month?

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  1. Your books arrived safe and sound… Thanks a million bazillion!!! I love your choices… gonna instagram them over the weekend!!!

  2. Terisha says

    Great lessons learnt and things that I can identify with. I am such a worrier and always have to reign in my imagination as I always imagine the worst. I have to actively work on not imagining worst case scenarios. And you are right , mental and emotional stress really weighs you down. I have a friend who immediately can tell if I have something worrying me by just looking at me. Friends like that are so special. I so enjoy these posts as they force me to evaluate the months as well. So often 1 event usually clouds my focus of the month. This past month, my biggest lesson was to not let me voice be lost. Sometimes I tend to go along with what someone else says in order to keep the peace. But I know my thoughts/actions were right and instead of voicing them I follow someone else’s lead. I learnt the hard way this month, that I have to give my opinion and disagree when necessary.

    • Marcia Francois says

      I’m so glad that you enjoy these posts. You can join in on Instagram and share what you’re learning too 🙂

      I’m so proud of you for being brave and speaking up. It’s true that it’s important to speak up so others can hear your voice!

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