I want to tell you 7 things about reading

Reading is one of my favourite things to do or talk about. When you couple this with my passion, time management, I especially love it when people tell me they don’t have time to read, or enough time to read, and so on.

So not true, guys. I’m not buying it 🙂

You see, I think we all underestimate the amount of time we waste, and more importantly, how much time we have that we fritter away. Someone I follow, Laura Vanderkam, decided to stop scrolling the internet and read instead. She read 14 books in a month. She found 1.5 hours a day and more on the weekend, totalling 13.5 hours a week, without working or parenting less.

Why you and I are not reading more books

How I find time for reading

Another way to find time for reading – this one is probably unpopular

Then, the new thing is people tell me things like they don’t think audio books will work for them without even trying. I know audio is not for everyone.

Like how video is not for me. But I have watched a few Youtube videos, vlogs and such, tried it first and now I can give you reasons why (slow download speed/ impatience/ I like to be doing something and with video I have to actually sit there and watch, for example :))

Back to audio books.

If you have a short commute, remember all those 15 minutes add up. If you have a 15-minute commute, you can easily finish one audio book a month. That’s 600 minutes a month just to and from work.

However, there is also cooking time, cleaning time, editing photo time, scrapbooking time, walking time, gardening time.

I would love you to tell me you listened to a book and then decided it’s not for you. But please try! You can easily add 1 – 2 books to your “read list” every month in this super-simple way.

You may like this post on how I use audio to work for me. One major trick is to find a narrator you like.

Here’s where I shared my love for the Kindle at the 3-year mark. I just passed the 6-year mark two days ago!

When it’s worth it to buy a book

Bonus – free books with Overdrive

How do you prefer to read your books?

Have you tried an audio book yet?

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  1. I read until 11:30 last night – you know I am not a night owl but I literally read until the book dropped. I think I must do this more and not decide at 10:30 it’s lights off. I feel fine today

    • Marcia Francois says

      oh that makes me so happy 🙂 but don’t compromise your sleep. You always need sleep more than reading…

  2. My fiction reads more and more tend to be ebooks. Nonfiction must be print…although most of my nonfiction reads tend to be for my thesis…so I tend to copy sections, highlight and write notes in them. Audio books aren’t for me because I lose focus when listening and working, to what I’m listening to. And books need more attention than that.

    That said podcasts are great for when I’m working, but again…very specific types of work for that. Because of the focusing aspect.

    And I agree so much, there is always time to read.

  3. Yep! I think reading for you is the way running is for me. If you like something bad enough you will make time for it is my motto. If I have to choose between one hour to read and one hour to run I would rather exercise but I still find time to indulge in a book. While I don’t spend long enough in the car to do audio books (I use that time to catch up on current affairs) I use my train commute 20 mins in each direction to read not much but it adds up.

  4. MamaCat says

    I love to read, and it is such a natural part of my being, that I look for little moments to read, which is why I get through the amount of reading I do. It is my salve for everything.
    I am not an audiobook fan, and I love the radio while in the car or working at my PC. However, if I know I will not be disturbed, then I will try an audiobook. The thing with audiobooks is that I feel like I cannot get into the book. I do not have the connection with story I get with a book I read myself.

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