Letting go

We went to the beach for a week and, as I usually do, I took a USB modem with me to still have internet access.

Well, my ISP must have withdrawn from the area we were in (they were there the last 6 years) because suddenly the modem didn’t work.

Some real talk today. I planned to write blogs for the week and get lots of other internet-y things done. But suddenly, my ISP’s not working in this part of the country. . . For those of you thinking, that’s not a holiday, I actually relax best in a ratio of 1:1:1 which is reading: out and about things: getting stuff done. So on holidays that looks like lots of reading: photowalks: editing/ cooking/ writing/ budgeting 😜 . . So I’m taking it as a sign to relax properly in terms of timelines. I’ll still write; I just won’t post it to the internet ☺️ . . But I will say the budget is done, kids’ 8-year photos are edited and I’m making good headway with this lovely book. . . . . #livelifeintentionally #liveintentionally #marcialovestea #marciareads #ESTJ

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So I was “forced” to relax properly. I started and finished 3 books at the beach, and I finished the last 20% of the 4th book when we got home after I unpacked.

We watched Wimbledon, we went for 11 walks and we just connected and relaxed together as a family.

It was a really great holiday despite the weather not being the best beach weather.

It was exactly the physical refresh I needed.

I think that a significant part of my enjoyment was just letting go of my expectations and accepting reality in the moment.

How do you like my two motivational posters?! πŸ™‚

I got to thinking about this and wondered where else I can let go of my expectations and had the opportunity to put it into practice on my first day back at work.

My sometimes unrealistic expectation whenever I return from leave is that I will completely clear my inbox in 1 day (HA!). Most times that is doable but we are particularly busy due to the time of year and some industry changes.

So this time I told myself that there is no point in coming back from a holiday to be stressed one day in.

I worked as hard as I could, worked as smart as I could, and cleared “only” 70% of the emails.

It was enough and it was good.

(this is me thinking loving and kind thoughts)

Where do you need to let go of unrealistic expectations?

How do you need to be kinder to yourself?

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  1. Oh my… A holiday without the internet… we had the same experience. After no holiday for actual years, we headed to the city for a house-swap week. Who would have thought there are folk in the world without the internet (or books or tv)!!! Took my computer thinking… holiday=freetime and time to catch up on blog posts. Actually, I believe these things happen for a reason and I clearly needed to sleep… read one or two pages every night and fell asleep till the morning. Everyday I was refreshed and ready for adventuring!!! So totally the holiday we needed… after the initial shock and horror!!!

    • Marcia Francois says

      I’ve always LOVED the idea of a house swap…. since watching The Holiday πŸ™‚

      Seems like your holiday was just the one you needed.

  2. We all need that kind of holiday! Just time with family and relaxing and rejuvenating!

    Letting go is difficult but coming to that realization of the need to let go is without sounding overly dramatic life changing!

    I’ve hard to accept that I wouldn’t finish a 10KM race in under 60 mins for example and that means when I do races I enjoy myself without the pressure

    • Marcia Francois says

      Yes! With a different kind of productivity.

      Letting go IS life-changing, both for tidying up and for other things πŸ™‚

      Racing without pressure sounds divine!

  3. This is something I have to really work on. I struggle to let go and always have crazy expectations. It is not an easy way to live your life.
    Now if I get home before everyone else, I force myself to sit down, instead of trying to tidy or cook or whatever. I have to let it go and let my family do things too and I need to take time for me.

    • Marcia Francois says

      You’re right – it’s really not an easy way to live. May I recommend a fantastic book I read last month? Let it go – Karen Ehman

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