Bullet journal 101 – most useful pages

If you haven’t seen the last post on bullet journal, have a read here to find out all the pages I use for planning.

Today, we’re going to discuss three of the most useful pages for me:

When I last
This is a page I picked up from browsing the #bulletjournal hashtag on Instagram. I took a screenshot immediately and kept it on my phone for a few months before trying it.

Basically, it’s to remind you of things you need to keep track of, but that don’t happen daily, weekly or even monthly.
I track when I colour my hair (I should do that monthly, but I do it when I can’t stand it anymore) and when I have my Brazilian Blowwaves done. I also started tracking Connor’s haircuts.

Any ideas you have for this page? Or ideas for me to use this page more?

This is not my reading goals page but just my monthly reading list 🙂

Reading goals

This is one of my favourite pages in my bullet journal.

I wrote out these goals at the start of the year when I thought of how I wanted my reading life to look this year.
I’m happy with the amount of reading I do but I wanted to get intentional about a few other things – books to re-read, how many Audible books, etc.

So I look at my list at the end of each month and I see how I’m doing. And then, of course, I make adjustments for the month ahead.

If you’re a reader, I highly recommend a reading goals list.

What were/ are some of your reading goals for this year?

Favourite author lists and the books I already have

This page started as an action from my reading goals page. And then I accidentally bought a physical copy of a book I have on my Kindle, and the page morphed into one where I tick off the books I own, and I highlight them once I’ve read them.

I’ve now trained myself to not buy books until I’ve checked my pages just in case I own a copy.

It’s so useful. If you have a bad memory for books that kind-of sound the same, make yourself a list of your favourite authors and the books you need to read from your physical or virtual bookshelves.

How do you keep track of the books you need to read from your favourite authors? Goodreads? Page in your bullet journal? Notes in your phone?

Which are some of your most useful pages in your bullet journal?

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  1. These are great ideas!

  2. Terisha says:

    My tbr list in my bullet journal is also one one my most suseful pages. I highlight the book when I buy it, and then check the tick box when I red it it. Very similar to your process. That said, I haven’t been very good at bullet journalling of recent – need to get back into the groove of it.

    • Don’t beat yourself up. If your big daily diary is working for your weekly planning, then stick to that only and use your bullet journal for all the miscellaneous/ life admin stuff.

      PS bring your bullet journal with you next week and we can have a look (if you want).

      • Terisha says:

        Actually I am most productive when I do bullet journal. The problem is when things get too busy, the first thing that goes is planning/bullet journalling.

        • Then I’m thinking you need to perhaps put a reminder in your phone for 8.30/9:00 every day to take out your bullet journal and leave in a good visible space. And another reminder at 5pm (whenever you finish the day’s work) to write a list for the next day.

          Use your bullet journal for these lists or use the Eat the Frog printable in the Time Management Purpose Pack, free on my website (top right sidebar, second sign-up form)

          • Terisha says:

            That is such an excellent idea! I think the reminders is exactly what I need to make sure I do bullet journal. Thanks for the suggestion.

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