Technology and your Tendency – part 1 (work)

I follow a podcast, Best of Both Worlds, that I recommend especially if you’re a full-time working mother who works at a workplace, not at home. Let’s face it – most podcasts (or most that I listen to) are hosted by either SAHMs or WAHMs whose time is a lot more flexible.

Sarah wanted a podcast that more represented her life so she started one (very Upholder-ish) with Laura.

On this episode, they discuss the role of technology in their lives and ask some really great questions, both on Instagram and in the blog post:

My technology philosophy

  1. I’m a big Dr Phil fan (even though I last watched an episode when I was on maternity leave 8 years ago!) and because I believe that “you teach others how to treat you”, I believe that you need to communicate your preferences to the outside world.
  2. I also believe that if you respect your time, so will others. The reverse is also true. If you don’t respect your own time, why would others respect yours? If you’ve heard me speak, no doubt I’ve said this during my talk 🙂
  3. Design your life around priorities, and then let the other bits fill up your time. No surprise here.
  4. Technology is a tool so to my mind, that means I am still the master. I love technology – I love that I can FaceTime my friend in Dallas at the start of her day and the end of mine, and I love Whatsapp Audio for podcast club.

Technology at work

I work in a highly email culture. Even if I talk to a client about something, I have to follow it up with an email, and then save that email in a client folder on a shared drive.

This is life in a highly regulated industry and doesn’t bother me at all.

I don’t feel the need to have my work emails come through to my phone unless I’m at a seminar/ client meeting and therefore out of the office for more than say, two hours at a time.

Once I’m back in the office, I turn off those emails.

Then, when my out of office assistant is turned on, I specify that if something is urgent, to call or text me.

(to date, I’ve had maybe 10 messages and I’ve worked at this company for over 3 years)

I don’t mind texts/ Whatsapps from clients if I’m away from the office but as a means to chase up an email, I simply don’t respond. I will then respond to the client’s email in the usual manner (and I don’t even reference the Whatsapp).

Can you tell that I’m an Upholder yet? 🙂

I have a Questioner colleague who blocks clients once they whatsapp her. As she said to me, why would they want to do that if our official communication method is email or phone?

I will take work calls from 7:30 ish to about 6 – 6:30 if I know we’re working on something urgent. Otherwise I just don’t answer my phone.

I am very reliable, hardworking, etc. and very prompt so it’s never necessary to chase me up, and I think I’ve trained my clients to expect that I will get back to them as soon as I can.

I don’t make friends with people I work with on Facebook. I had some very inappropriate comments made about my Facebook activity many years ago by a work person so that’s it – I blocked, unfriended and unfollowed this person.

What is the role of technology in your life? How do you relate to it in a work context? And how do you see this linking up with your Tendency?

I love to talk about this stuff – please ask questions in the comments!

Part 2 will be published next week – if you know your tendency and especially if you’re a Rebel or a Questioner, please email me and tell me everything, if you’re so inclined. It will really help me flesh out my next post.

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  1. MamaCat says

    I love technology. However, I love my personal time even more. I refuse to have work mail on my phone, and I do not communicate work stuff via whatsapp. For me, it is just not appropriate. When you work in a field, where emails, are legal documents, whatsapp is iffy (for me anyway).
    I am often criticised for writing and responding via email in a too impersonal way. However, work is work, we are not friends and a professional email is not the place to ask about personal life. Especially if that email gets forwarded on to multiple people.
    If we are friends outside work, then we communicate using different channels.
    I also prefer not to talk to clients after five, even if your roof is leaking…and it is the middle of a hail storm. I return all messages as soon as I am in the office. I am efficient and there is no need to contact me in my personal time. I also respect this in the reverse.
    Work is also the big reason I have no Facebook profile.

    • I’m so, so curious – what is your tendency?

      It sounds like you have very clear boundaries in your work life.

      Just to clarify, if we use whatsapp, it’s usually to say something quickly (do you know if such and such is ready yet? Or are you in the office? I want to drop off x today) and is not used to talk about anything with weight.

  2. MamaCat says

    I am a Questioner.
    My boundaries did not always be like this. Only after HB was born did I become so strict with my time. I really value personal time and I always ask myself if it is worth giving up? If I have to work extra…is it worth it…because something has got to give.
    If I take on a private job, I must be getting paid a lot, otherwise it is not worth me giving up time I could be spending with my family or one of my projects.
    I love having internet on my phone…I can check out everything, because as my tendency implies, I love research and knowing everything!

  3. Hearken to Automotive Seeat Headrest now.


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