Readers’ favourite Organising Queen posts for 2017

This is a big post with lots of reading, guys. I love posts like this on other blogs and I usually stretch them out with numerous mugs of tea throughout the day 🙂

Let’s get to it – the favourite posts per month. And fun fact, each picture was taken in that specific month of the year, so enjoy Johannesburg (and Ballito, for July) through my lens 🙂


Word of the year recap and this year’s word

A bullet journal/ diary hybrid

What I learned in January


5 favourite posts about stationery

What I want more of this year

The annual filing that wasn’t 🙂


Free digital and audio books with Overdrive

How to write a friendship manifesto

Soul care vs self-care


My year of happy – April project goals

If it’s not serving you, let it go

 7 things about reading


Let’s talk about hygge (1)

My house has a to-do list

Your silent to-do list


Mental nourishment in the form of unplugging

What I learned in May

What’s in my handbag?


Getting motivated, Four Tendencies style

Creatives can’t get organised. Myth or truth?

Half-year review of my word of the year (give)


Your amazing habits

Do you suffer from perfectionism?

Lovely things to do this year


My 5 favourite posts about the goal-setting process (this is actually the most popular post of the year!)

How I do menu planning, and what I cook for my freezer

Why you should menu plan


Choosing your 2018 diary

How my whole planning system fits together

Good news – you get to choose


Technology and your tendency – work

Technology and your tendency – personal

Switching up what’s not working for you

Did you agree with these posts? Was there a favourite post that you want to highlight? Let me know. All of this influences some of the editorial content for next year.

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  1. Thank you for creating such inspiring and helpful blog post. I appreciate that your blog posts are always rather shorter than longer and to the point.

    I don’t find it easy to highlight a single blog post – I liked your posts on diary and bullet Journal, “What I want more of this year” and “Good News – you get to choose”.

    Also, I love the photo of the Jacarandas and the February photo – stunning.

    I look forward to many more thought inspiring blog posts in 2018!

    • Oh Kirstin, thank you for your kind and thoughtful words. And I loved highlighting the year in months too – I’d forgotten how much it rained in February!

      Look out over the next few weeks for more planning posts!


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