Two easy ways to expand time

I know that the common refrain is to say there’s not enough time or we’re all so busy, but I don’t believe it.

After all, I wrote a book on how there is enough time (for everything you want to do).

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  1. Focus on your energy levels

Time is elastic, you see, and is hugely affected by energy levels.

If you focus on things that give you energy, you’ll get more done. I realise that’s not always possible but if you intersperse must-do tasks with those energy-giving activities, you’ll find that you gain energy… and therefore, time.

Some more thoughts on increasing your energy during the workday and getting microbursts of energy.

2. Be more mindful

Consider this: if you take the time to be more intentional and mindful about your days and weeks, you’ll notice where you’re wasting time, where your energy lags, where you could use your time in a different and more effective way.

E.g. I easily waste an hour or more on Instagram every day. Once I became more mindful about this “practice”, I vowed to read a book during that time instead. I haven’t completely stopped wasting time on Instagram but I know that if I only spend 15 minutes on Instagram, I could easily read for 30 minutes or more during that time, which is of course, a much better use of my time.

It’s really about being aware of what you’re doing and choosing in that moment to continue consciously, or to choose a better way.

What are your tips and tricks to expand your time?

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  1. Kirstin says:

    Like you I also think we all have enough time. I agree that reviewing/being mindful how we use our time will provide a lot of interesting insights and together with critical self-reflection we can ‘free up’ a lot of time. I waste a lot of time and energy surfing the internet with little added value, insight, satisfaction and energy to my personal context. I intend to be more mindful of where I spend my time on the Internet and use my internet time for those websites which bring joy -like yours;-). Also, I have a tendency to procrastinate – so I need to focus on doing things rather than thinking about them…:-)

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