What went well in February?

Hello friends

I want to tell you something kind-of interesting.

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I have 6 questions on my monthly review sheet and my intention is to use a different question as an example every month to show you how I use them.

Last month I answered the question “what energised me this month?” and this month I scheduled in just the blog draft title “what went well this month”?

Do you know? I haven’t had the best month. In fact, it’s been one of the more terrible ones in a long, long time.

Probably why I haven’t really felt like writing this post about what went well, because not much did.

Still, let’s see. There’s a reason I need to focus on what went well, so let’s do it 🙂

magnificent walk

What went well this month?

  1. I had 8 friend dates. That’s a lot, even for me, because two from January got pushed back. That was truly the highlight of my month.
  2. We had a wonderful book club last week – great discussion, lovely people, challenging and energizing.
  3. I took two wonderful walks (the goal was four) but at least they were picturesque and gorgeous!
  4. I walked more than 5000 steps 79% of the month.
  5. I read 8 books. I will tell you more about this next week because there were some lessons in there for me, and perhaps for you too?

That’s it.

Book club!

Of course I could probably make a list of 10 things that did not go well, and I have acknowledged some of the more important ones in my bullet journal, but I’m very glad to see a clean slate today now that it’s a new month.

Tell me what went well for you this month.

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  1. Kirstin says

    I accidentally skipped two pages in my bullet journal when prearing the March pages. Of course I cannot just let those pages be empty so I was thinking what I could do with them. I remembered your monthly prompt to reflect on the past month and that I had read your ‘What went well in February’. So I decided to get my pen onto the paper instead of just thinking ‘What a good idea, I wish I would do that’ 🙂 I had a nice month, connecting with different friends in person and via skype/phone, celebrating Vietnamese New Year at a retreat and enjoying a month of sunshine here in Germany (after months of no sunshine). Thanks for the inspiration, Marcia!

  2. MamaCat says

    I feel like I have not been having a great month. It was a bit chaotic, and I only work in my own chaos, no one else’s.
    I have lost more than 10kg (the diet and exercise is working).
    I have been supermom doing parties, playdates, cricket mornings, pancakes, cupcakes, remembering school stuff and doing the morning and afternoon run and extracurricular all by myself,this month. ( I never want to do it again)
    I have seen so many lovely things in morning traffic and it always makes me smile and I know I am still leading my charmed life.


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