Quarterly recap of my word of the year – FUN

these flowers look so fun to me

Since we’ve now finished three months of the year, I thought it would be fun (no pun intended!) to do a little recap of my word of the year.

Here’s where I wrote about why I chose the word “fun”.

Some fun things that have happened so far this year:

  • I participated in Gentle January on Instagram. This was such a great ease into the year after all the rah rah rah on the internet in December.
  • We went on a family holiday to the Drakensberg.
  • We had three book club meets that were SUPER fun. Interestingly, two of the books were not favourites read but the discussion around them and hearing from intelligent, funny women was what made it so much fun.
  • I loved listening to the audible version of The Happiness Project. So much fun!
  • I’m listening to more of the That Sounds Fun podcast. I particularly enjoyed her January rhythms series.

  • I participated in a Zumbathon a few weekends ago and I tried a new dance class which was great, but doesn’t work for my schedule. I would only be able to go to 20 minutes before I’d have to leave. Maybe I should just go for the 20 mins?
  • We’ve been watching The Amazing Race as a family every Wednesday for the last 4 weeks. This is huge, mainly for me, because I don’t watch any TV. None. As my husband jokes, I watch one movie a year and if I really break loose, two!
  • I’ve read 27 books thus far and should finish on about 29/ 30 as there’s a week of March left.
  • I got the painting done! That has been a lot of fun for me. I love taking risks in the house. Thank you, Nester.
  • And last but not least, I’ve had 19 socials and seen 34 friends in the 3 months (book club is the reason for the large second number).

What was your word for the year? How has that worked out for you this quarter?

these nests also look whimsical and fun to me

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  1. You are definitely living your word! Well done! As you know I don’t do word of the year so can’t say anything on that front. But it’s been a crazy busy year for me so far and it is not slowing down so not much fun going on around here

  2. And of course I love your weaver bird nests!!! I love how you embrace your word… I still haven’t even gotten a word… its on the tip of my tongue, I need a moment for it to linger long enough to catch it. Really I just need a moment…. but this year has been all about embracing the new, leaving piles of clutter and chaos in my wake!!!

    • Marcia Francois says

      That photo was taken on a whim in the Drakensberg – the rest of them were marching to the car (it was a SUPER hot day), I happened to glance up and it looked so pretty!

      What about WHOLE? It sounds like that’s what you’re doing. Let’s chat more next week? I love to brainstorm these things!

  3. I don’t ever formally have a word, but I have been working hard at being serene and letting things go. This is my personal challenge to being a better me.
    I like how you embrace your word and make it happen. I think it really works for you.
    I have sworn off friends for a bit. I am being selfish and I just want to be with me for a while. I don’t want to deal with anyone else’s problem or find myself volunteering for things I don’t really have to do. I often volunteer to do stuff for other people and work myself into a tizz.
    Painting is fun, but masking all the little cover plates and skirtings drives me batty.

    • Marcia Francois says

      MC, your comment made me laugh when I saw it come through the other day. I don’t think you’re being selfish, I think you just need to focus on yourself for a bit.

      In retrospect, after I read The Happiness Project, I thought perhaps my word needed to be Lighten Up, so that’s also an aspect of my word.

      here’s to letting go for both of us!

  4. Kirstin says

    Weaver bird nests are fun and so clever.
    My word for 2018 is ‘Thrive’ and so far I have created opportunities and space for me to thrive. I am currently inbetween jobs, exploring what I would like to do next. So far in 2018, I have participated in three retreats and a MBSR course, visited three friends in other cities, reconnected with old and new friends in person and via skype, I signed up at a gym, and commenced working with a coach to reflect on what I want next in my professional life. I have also taken several walks and been to the theatre. I feel filled with joy, peace, rest and love. I hope I will continue to ensure I thrive.


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