What freedom means to me

Wicklow, Ireland – 2008

Today is Freedom Day in South Africa.

On this day in 1994 we had the first free and fair non-racial democratic election in South Africa. Freedom Day is now an annual celebration of those elections.

Fun fact – the first public holiday was declared in 1995.  Dion and I chose 29 April as our wedding day that year so that my family could use the public holiday to travel to Joburg for our wedding. Yes, on Sunday we celebrate 23 years of marriage 🙂

So what does freedom mean to me?

It means that I can be exactly who God created me to be, it means that I can be authentic and real without recrimination, and it means that I accept who I am in all my complexities.

Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous – how well I know it. – Psalms 139:14

What does freedom mean to you?

My definition of financial freedom means that I have more than enough money for everything I need and want, and that an emergency situation doesn’t throw me into a panic.

What does financial freedom mean to you?

My definition of work freedom means that I can use my gifts and talents to earn a decent income in a way that celebrates me and doesn’t just tolerate me. And that my work environment is flexible and respectful of my upholder-ness.

What does work freedom mean to you? 

And last but not least, physical freedom.

Physical freedom means that in my body I’m able to move and flow freely while feeling healthy and vital. It also means that I live without fear in my life and I move safely through this world in my house, neighbourhood and wherever I travel.

What does physical freedom mean to you?

Happy Freedom Day, everyone!

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  1. Kirstin says

    Happy Freedom Day to you and all South Africans!
    Freedom is so important and it is easy to forget that many, many people do not live in freedom.
    I am grateful to live in a country with a high degree of freedom (Germany).
    In my daily life, freeedom also is very important to me: The ability to explore new phsyical places, to have access to safe public transport, the ability to work independently, financial security, freedom to explore new thoughts, ideas.

  2. Happy wedding anniversary (you can never be wished too many times)

    Financial freedom is very important to me which is why I’ve made so many tweaks to my habits regarding money!

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