In April I realised how I prefer to consume my books

Let’s get all the book stats out of the way because there’s something I want to discuss with you.

I had a good reading month in terms of number of books read, but only a few really good ones.

Books read in April

Books read: 10

Non-fiction/ fiction: 3/7

Physical/ Kindle/ Audible *: 4/4/2

*there’s a little story about the one Audible book

I listened to most of Chasing Slow on Audible but I really wasn’t enjoying it at all and I realized that the author might be coming across more whiny due to the narration. So I switched to the Kindle version (I bought the Kindle version on sale first and added $2,99 for the Audible narration) and I actually enjoyed the last 30% much more.

As at end April, I’d read 38 books for the year. My challenge is 80 books.

The little teashop of lost and found – Trisha Ashley

Now let’s talk about how I prefer to read my books.

I have a general rule where I read non-fiction Monday – Thursday, and then I read fiction Friday to Sunday. This is purely for practical purposes so that I actually get enough sleep for work. I have zero discipline when it comes to putting down a book so this is my Upholder way of making sure my life works for me.

So this month, I read two fiction books outside of my rules, in other words, during the week.

The reason is also very interesting to me – I didn’t have any non-fiction books that were calling to me on my physical bookshelf, and I didn’t feel like reading on the Kindle either. Remember one of the reasons I read a lot is that I always have a lot of good books to read. This is why I said in this Instagram post I probably need to declutter this bookshelf because if I don’t feel like reading them, perhaps they should go to someone else.

This is the story of a happy marriage – Ann Patchett

I then picked up fiction because I wanted to read those, but because I can only read a bit before bed every night, it took me probably 5- 6 days to finish a book I usually finish in 2 – 3 days.

And, here’s the thing, when I take that long to read a work of fiction, I just don’t feel like I can immerse myself fully in the story and fully enjoy it.

I don’t mind taking weeks to finish non-fiction because I like thinking through what I’m learning, but I want to dive into fiction and be done with it.

Isn’t that interesting?!

Does whether you read a book over a shorter time affect your enjoyment of that book? Do you have book rules for yourself? (I do realise this is a very “upholder” thing to do) 

So that’s what I learned this month:

  • I need to stick to my rules for the week
  • I need to declutter that bookshelf and have compelling non-fiction (it’s one of my 18 in 2018 goals actually)
  • I need to dive into fiction first thing on a Friday night to be sure I finish by Sunday afternoon 🙂

Did you learn anything new about your reading life this month?

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  1. To be honest, all I would feel is anxiety and forced if I had that many rules about reading. I just want to read. It is the thing that is a pleasure, a stress reliever, my thing. I also want to read what I want, when I want. I don’t read much non-fiction, but I like to research things, so I end up reading very many articles about many things I want to know about, every day.
    I read my fiction every spare moment…first thing before I get out of bed in the morning, while I eat, before I get to sleep, while I cook, waiting for something…and I read mostly digital, but I do get 4 physical books from the library every two weeks. I listen to audiobooks if I am able to, at work. I find it interesting you have rules about how many you read, when you read it. Don’t you just want to read, just because?

    • Not at all! These are all self-imposed “rules” and they actually create the freedom I need for the rest of my life to go smoothly.

      I do want to read whatever I want but then I’d get nothing else done. This way lets me have a good balance of productivity and relaxation, which makes me ultimately very, very happy!


  2. Nope no such rules. If I’m enjoying a book immensely then I tend to finish it quicker . If not I just let it drag or dump it. The one thing I need to do is stop buying books until I’ve read all the books I have

    • Marcia Francois says

      I think we all need to stop buying books. I’ve stopped buying 80% of the books I used to buy but I do still buy a few that are on my wish list, e.g. book club books.


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