{Bullet journal} – what I’m bullet journalling these days

It’s been a while since I wrote a bullet journalling post so I thought I’d check in to:

  • tell you that yes, I’m still bullet journaling
  • share some of the pages in my current bullet journal (there is one page that deserves its own post so look for that next week)

Quotable quotes

I still think of my bullet journal in terms of planning pages and “useful lists” pages.

The planning pages I have in this bullet journal are the following:

  1. Monthly review
  2. Goals brainstorm
  3. Weekend to do list
  4. Work from home list (it’s a daily to-do list I use once a week)

When I had a quick squiz through a bullet journal post I wrote last year, I noticed that everything is still 100% accurate and…. that I probably need to start a life admin page again. On the bright side, there is nothing I need to put on the list for my car (insert dancing lady emoji here) 😉

Another change is that I have a separate small notebook (just a bit bigger than A6) for my weekly goals accountability chats with Beth. I used to always keep a separate notebook in years past and I must say, I love having my goals in their own special book 🙂

Bullet journal

Some other pages I’m still using are:

  1. Blog ideas
  2. Podcast club notes
  3. Quotable quotes
  4. Things to talk to ______ about (I have a ton of phone friend dates and if I want to remember to ask/ tell my friends something, I refer to this list to be sure to ask about something we spoke about before)

One big change is that I now have a dedicated notebook (just an 80-pager) for all things books and reading.

I have a monthly page where I write down the books I’ve read (I still use Goodreads but it’s easier to take this notebook with me to book club or to use for my monthly reading recaps here on the blog), notes on the book club book, books to read for book club and I need to update my favourite authors’ pages again.

Bullet journal

Why the separate book bullet journal?

I like a thin bullet journal so I currently go through about 3 – 4 notebooks a year. I found that I constantly had to ferret out old bullet journals to reference my reading lists. It’s not a huge problem because I have a specified shelf in my study where they all live but it was a bit too inconvenient for these lists I reference very often.

(if you look at my Instagram stories, I often post snapshots of how this list changes throughout the month)

Now I’d like to hear from you.

Are you still bullet journalling? How do you use your bullet journal these days? Has anything changed from when you first started?

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  1. Terisha says

    I am kind of bullet journalling – but in my normal diary. I mentioned before how I bought a biggish diary this year as it was such so beautiful and I loved the velvety feel of the paper. Since it has so much more space, sometime during March I started using it for all my day to day lists/appointments/meetings/errands etc. The only thing that I still write in my real bullet journal are my lists and it still fits nicely into the back of my diary. So I am happy with this for the moment.

    • Marcia Francois says

      Love how you’ve customized the bullet journal concept to your diary this year. And the fact that your bullet journal fits in your diary is a complete BONUS!

  2. LOVED seeing this! I’m still bullet journaling too. Almost done with my notebook and can finally buy a new one. (Of course a super fun errand for someone like me.)

    • Marcia Francois says

      Yay Nina. Oh, there’s nothing more satisfying than getting a new notebook.

      I’m giving out 52 notebooks this year (I love these projects) so if not for the exorbitant shipping rates, I’d totally send you one.

  3. I am using me diary like Terisha. It is working better for me to have everything in one place. I do realise the A5 is a little too small though. And then my little stories to myself about my impressions of something…it is so personal, I guard my diary carefully. That is my only conflict, that someone reads my personal stuff because my work appointments and notes are there too…what if I leave it on a meeting table by mistake and go home. My old one had my name on the front, this one does not.

    • Marcia Francois says

      Agreed! I would be very careful with your diary if I were you! But I love that you have found what works well for you 🙂


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