Give yourself grace

I’ve been so busy during Birthday Season (all four of our birthdays happen in a less-than-one-month period) that I’ve let some things slide.

I started thinking that I need to catch up and get up to date, and all those Upholder-type things, but I decided this morning to give myself grace and just let those self-imposed expectations go.

I may be writing this only for me but I doubt it.

I think it’s meant for you too.

When you’re going through a busy season, let some of your commitments go. Don’t make yourself crazy trying to keep up. It’s good enough just to survive.

Here’s your permission slip.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Marcia – I love reading your blogs and instagram….I can’t keep up with your oganization but I enjoy reading how you do it and how much you love it. I love to read but I simply cannot read the books you do in one month and if I can be honest, I don’t want to. But your enjoyment is contagious, if that make sense. And I take some of what I read and add it here and there to my own life. I ordered my first planner from Happy Planner that I learned of on instagram (I don’t do facebook). Giving ourself grace though is so important. I am in a different phase of life than you at the moment and I it seems like elderly parents are sick, losing extended family and I am struggling to deal with the change. Its all part of life and all eventually walk the road but I feel I’m losing my grip on what? I’m not sure. I gave myself grace this weekend as well to actually take a deep breath and have some serious downtime, quiet time. Have a good week Marcia!!

    • Marcia Francois says

      LOL Susan, I completely get it. It’s fun for me to look back in my Goodreads stats and see how my reading has fluctuated over the years.

      I think we all need to give ourselves much more grace that we do – whichever season we’re in. So glad you’re giving yourself grace for downtime too. Have a great, grace-filled week 🙂

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