What I learned from Spring into Organising

I ran (or tried to run) a Spring into Organising challenge during September.

It was mostly a failure in terms of getting other people to play along, but I thought I’d share what I learned from personally doing the Spring into Organising challenge for the 5 weekends in September.

  • Konmari has served me very well. I did the full Konmari in August 2014 and while I believe that you do have to do a little refresh now and again, it has been life-changing for me. Spaces are super quick to sort when you mostly have things that spark joy in your home.
  • I am happier with a leaner, streamlined home. I am not one of those people with a “we’re making memories and that’s why we have a messy house” mindset. I fully own that I like clean, orderly, clutter-free spaces because this is what brings me peace.


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  • Dedicated projects motivate me. I made a plan at the start of weekend 1 and I did all those spaces and then some. I ended up sorting out 17 spaces and it felt wonderful.
  • It sucks when you feel like no one else is doing a challenge along with you, even if they are. Just being honest.
  • Things are coming into our homes all the time (gifts, updates to clothes, etc.) so they need to leave all the time too. Someone asked me once on Instagram why I always have a couple of areas to sort, and my reply is still the same – I live with other people (D, the kids, and the nanny is here 4 days a week) and so even though most things just take a 5 – 10 minute tweak every couple of months, it’s still necessary. Just last night, I returned medication to our medicine cupboard and it was messy so it needed a sort. Popped on a podcast and got to it – 20 mins later, order was restored, old meds tossed out and all was well again.

It occurred to me that spring is not over yet so I’m continuing with organising bits and pieces around my home.

The printable is still available for free here – please do avail yourself if you want to get your home in order.

How do you tackle spring cleaning/ organising? On a schedule or as the mood strikes you?

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  1. Even though I wasn’t a participant this time, it sounds like a great series!! Know that you are inspiring people even if they are just watching & learning 🙂

  2. MamaCat says

    I did not post anything, but I did get all my undies sorted, my shirts and jackets. I got hubby to do all his clothes, and while late, HB’s cupboards are scheduled for this weekend. My kitchen is sorted, and such a pleasure to work in. The only thing still bothering me is my sewing supplies. My excuse is that I was flat out busy sewing so I needed my stuff all over. However, I have a plan.
    I definitely believe in the Konmari method of folding clothes, as this ensures my drawers are always tidy and I wear more of my clothes, because I can see it all, beautifully arranged. It looks onerous, but it is in fact easier. My medicine sorting happens everytime we go on holiday. I look over our travel pack and the house medicine and we throw stuff out and replace.

    • Marcia Francois says

      Yay for getting so many clothes sorted and your kitchen! You are so correct that Konmari may seem onerous but is actually a very easy method – I also found it easy to implement and maintain. Love how you sort out your medicines every time you holiday. Gretchen RUbin calls this pairing and it is a great strategy for making sure things get done.

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