Do you have your 2019 diary/ planner yet?


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I’ve long spoke about embracing your paper-loving self.

I’ve also mentioned before that generally speaking, Js on the Myers Briggs are most likely to actually use their diaries. Ps buy them all the time but from mid-Feb they’ve given up 🙂

I asked in my Instastories a few weeks ago if people use diaries and it was a lot lower than I thought :0

All that said, if you do use a diary and you haven’t yet made a choice for next year, let me point out some things to consider:

  1. Do you think big picture or daily detail? Use weekly for bigger picture and daily for a detailed view.
  2. Will you feel guilty or overwhelmed having undone items on a daily basis? Weekly might be better for you.
  3. Is it important to have monthly planning pages? This is a not-negotiable for me. I have put down many diaries that don’t have a monthly overview and notes (I use these for goals) page.
  4. Is the space large enough for your handwriting? I have medium handwriting and many diaries have lines that are tiny.
  5. Prettiness is an important consideration too. I promise you, if you don’t like the look of your diary, you won’t use it consistently. I’ve bought only ONE plain black diary in all my years of diary buying, but I did jazz it up by putting my word of the year on the front.
  6. Price. I know that the cost per use is low if you actually use a diary, but I still can’t bring myself to pay exorbitant prices for a diary when I can get a perfectly good one for hundreds of rands cheaper. I have seen some South African ones for R700. I have the money; just can’t do it.

I’ve seen some beautiful ones this year but to be honest, I don’t think anything has matched my 2018 diary, which I do love! If you need a reminder, it’s this one.

I have settled on one though. In typical Murphy style, I then won a diary on Instagram (how cool and weird because I’ve only won two things in my entire life before this!). I’m hoping and praying it actually arrives in South Africa because it is gorgeous…. I’ve ordered other things from Singapore and Japan, and am still waiting for them to get to me since June….. and I desperately hope that this one arrives, and arrives soon. I’ll give it another month and then show you the one I bought.

Tell me, have you decided on your 2019 diary yet? Have you gone weekly or daily?

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  1. Just yesterday I was browsing diaries. I have never bought a diary. We get given so many diaries and notebooks from suppliers, I just end up using one of those. I think I have settled on A5, even though I do find it a little small, but it fits in my handbag. I never use monthly or weekly or yearly planners. I like the page a day. And I find myself gluing in my budget planning this year, because there was no suitable place in the diary. I also glue in any sheets that I use regularly because there is no suitable one in the diary. I end up gluing in school notices, etc. It has worked out the best for me.

    • Marcia Francois says

      Completely agree with customising your diary to make it work for you. I glued in things in my own one many years!

  2. I usually buy a diary in the first week of the new year. I am always in a bit of a slump after the holidays are over and buying a new diary and stationery is the perfect “pick-me-up” that I need at that time. I really enjoyed the page a day diary I used this year and am planning to get a similar one next year.

    • Marcia Francois says

      That’s definitely a great pick-me-up and you may get one on sale. BUT how do you make sure they still have in stock a style you will enjoy?

  3. I stopped using a physical planner and now rely solely on my phone just for convenience. I do carry around a note book but that is about it. I signed up for a secret Santa project and the person I have wants a planner. Walked around yesterday and just didn’t find anything that caught my fancy and I realised this is probably one of the reasons I’m glad I don’t get one again! I would like the cover but just not like the content /layout!!!

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