{time} Let’s talk about morning routines… and a peek into my own

Let’s start by talking about my morning routine and then we’ll talk about what you might want in a morning routine.


Why should we even have a morning routine?

A morning routine sets you up for the day ahead to ensure a successful day. Depending on your day, your morning routine might vary but I’d suggest that you’d need clothes, food and stuff for the day as the three components, no matter what you have on the agenda.

But let’s talk about my morning routine:

Work at office days

I wake up, shower, dress, grab my things and travel to work 🙂

Work from home day

This one is a little slower, by design.

I wake, play on my phone, read, and then shower, dress and go to work which is about 15 steps from my bedroom.

Work life

Weekend days

Saturdays – I roll out of bed, put on my gym clothes, brush my teeth and put on lipstick (always with the lipstick!), and go to gym.

Sundays – look exactly the same as the work at office days, except… I go to church

You’ll notice that there’s very little I do in the morning and that is very intentional; it’s because I’m not a morning person so I set up my life such that I don’t have to think very much in the morning.

If I had my way, no one would even talk to me much before 9 am.

I can do this because all my preparation happens in the evening.

work prep

What might you include in your morning routine?

  • Choosing clothes for yourself and your kids (your husband can choose his own clothes!)
  • Making lunch for yourself if you work outside the home (this might even be a good idea if you work from home so you eat a planned meal and don’t just grab something when you’re hungry)
  • Setting out anything that has to go with you (running errands on the way to or from work)
  • Setting out gym bag (if you exercise on the way to or from work)
  • Popping food in the slow cooker or defrosting meat

What is included in your morning routine that I haven’t even considered? Do you have a minimal routine like me because you’re also not a morning person?

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  1. MamaCat says

    This is very interesting. I am totally a morning person. I am normally wide awake before my 5am alarm. I read a bit until 5 and then I am up and getting things sorted. I will throw laundry into the washing machine, make breakfast, iron uniforms, hang out laundry. We do reading with HB or maths, or something. I make up a bowl for the birds, shower in between all that and make my lunch, coffees to go. Hubby and I normally work this out together, but sometimes it is one of us on our own, if the other has to go in early.
    Up at 5am, out of the house at 6.30am.
    If I have private work to do, I am up at 3am and then stop at 5am to get us out the door.
    I will even throw in a call to my Mom if I have to. I answer emails too.
    This sounds crazy, when I write it down, but it is not really. We set out clothes the night before and sometimes, I will do the laundry in the evening, especially if I have to water my plants.
    If I am exercising, then that starts at 4.30am.
    Meals are cooked once a month, which we pull out the night before and it is in the fridge ready to be heated for dinner.
    Saturdays are mostly school cricket and Sundays are Myrun, so we are all up early on the weekends too.

    • This is fascinating to me as I am so not a morning person 🙂 Are all 3 of you morning people?

      • MamaCat says

        Hubby is definitely not a morning person, however, we have to be out by 06h30, so there is not much of a choice for him. HB is a morning person most mornings, because he is out of bed, getting ready for school, without us having to wake him.

  2. love reading your routine too 🙂


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