{organising} Project – how I decluttered my bookshelf

Let’s take a break from all the Covid-19 talk and focus on a fun, pretty project you could do during the workdays, if you’re not working, or on the weekend if you want a break from boring things like laundry.

I had a goal this year – to go through my bookshelf and declutter anything I no longer wanted to read. So this is it – these are all the physical books I own, other than the ones that live on my Kindle.

Here’s what I did and suggest you might like to do too:

  • If there are books a friend has loaned you and you know you’re not going to read them, return them. If you keep them, they start to guilt you everytime you look at them. None of us needs that guilt.
  • Return any books to their owners that you have read. See the brown wrapped book? Ready to go to a friend when I can next see her. (Edited – I ended up using a courier to send to her)
  • Pick up and go through each and every book on your shelf and make two piles: those you have read and those you have not read.
  • For the ones you have read, honestly answer these questions:
    • Do I love this book so much I want to keep it? Does it spark joy? Might I re-read it? Yes – keep. No – toss aside (I only keep books I LOVE and that rate an 8-10/10)
  • For the ones you have not read, answer these questions:
    • Am I likely to ever want to pick this book up to read? Does this book spark joy? Yes – keep. No – toss aside.
    • Was I gifted a book I don’t want to read, but am keeping because the person is a special friend or family member? Hold the book, think positive thoughts and toss aside.
    • The not-sure bunch. Ask yourself, is this a title I want to take with me into my future? Here’s where it’s easy to let go (most things I know full well I am never going to read like most parenting books).

Those tips helped me a whole lot. I now have books on my shelf I know I want to read and a lovely pile of books waiting downstairs to donate to my local library.

If you choose to go through your books, please send me pictures or better still, post your pics to Instagram or Facebook and tag me to come have a look.

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  1. I no longer buy physical books, I just do not have the space for all the books we already own. Hang on, HB still gets physical books, but since we go to the library often, I don’t buy as many as I used to. We last bought 12 books over December for him to take on holiday. He still loves to read those, over and over to himself.

    • Marcia Francois says

      I buy very, very little. I have a system – if the book is going to cost the same on Kindle as it is for a physical copy, I’ll buy it. I also will buy anything I know I’ll love and re-read (Gretchen Rubin books).

      But then I also declutter once I read and something’s not up to my 8, 9 or 10/10 scale. In fact, I have a whole bag of books downstairs waiting to be donated to the library.

      I wonder if HB is reading the same series Connor loves to read, and re-read? Diary of a Wimpy Kid? 😉

  2. Laura Anderson says

    I still have the book you gifted to me, Reluctant Entertainer! You are good at letting go Marcia. Have fun and happy reading!

    • Marcia Francois says

      I have such fond memories of that book, and when we met to give you that book! Lots of love to you, Laura! xx

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