{goals} Two fun, intentional birthday traditions you may want to consider

I just celebrated my birthday – this is 46! It’s the strangest thing; I’m writing these increasing numbers and I don’t feel 46 at all. I feel strong, vital and full of energy yet I know intellectually that I’m now middle-aged 😮 and that other people see me like that.

I had a very lovely birthday indeed. You can see more in the Instagram post below.

  1. Do a birthday review

I wrote two posts here in 2016 and here in 2018, and you can download my free birthday review printable here.

2. Make a birthday list

I used to make a 36 things, 37 things, 38 things list…. and then they got too many to do once I hit 40. So now I do a lovely things to do list and I only make 20 items 😉

This year my list has things that are very doable within my immediate environment. I have not entirely completed it yet, but a couple of the categories include:

  • workshops (I want to develop a new one to replace Four Tendencies – let me know if there’s something you can think of, but I am definitely doing a goals/ planning workshop)
  • photos and photography
  • reading (obviously – did you know I started a bookstagram account during the last year? See more @marciareadsalot)
  • cooking/ baking
  • family and friends

What are some fun things I should add to my list?

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  1. MamaCat says

    I turned 40 this month and I almost forgot it was my birthday. I love birthdays, but this year I was not feeling it, ad I decided to just leave it. For me it was a first.
    I normally always buy myself a gift. Something indulgent and just for me.
    You could try something new…perhaps an online course for something you would normally do. A new skill?

    • Marcia Francois says

      Good idea!

      Happy belated birthday to you too. It has been a strange year with so many celebrations missed.


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