{organising} for spring according to your personality

It’s spring in Johannesburg and many of us like to do some spring cleaning. I like to do cleaning throughout the year otherwise the thought of all that deep cleaning will probably drive me deep into a book never to emerge.

I do love organising though and there’s a bit of cleaning involved there.

But whether you prefer cleaning or organising, there’s a way to approach it to suit your Tendency.

Let’s go through the Four Tendencies. If you’re not sure of your Tendency, take the quiz here.


Think about your home. What do you want to do and why? Make a list of the things that you feel like tackling over the next month, keep it visible, schedule a couple of tasks into your diary/ calendar (actually, block out the time in your weekly schedule) and attack your list as planned.


Which areas are important for your family to function well? If you’re not sure, ask them. Then announce your plans to them and to a friend who will hold you accountable. Block out the time and go for it. Bonus tip – follow a few cleaning accounts on Instagram (@jottiesjournal and @lynsey_queenofclean) for inspiration but remember that watching Instagram stories will not get your own house organised.


First figure out why you want to do what you want. If you want to declutter spaces, first ask yourself why a space matters to you and what is important to you about that space. Once you get really clear on your why, you’ll be able to start and stay the course. Questioners get demotivated when they can’t see the point of doing something.


If it’s important to you to have a clean and/ or organised home, then go for it in your own way. Do not follow any of the plans you see on Instagram or Pinterest. Definitely don’t sign up for one of those monthly challenges with a different section every month, or if you do, jump around and do as you feel like you want. Perhaps have a cleaning caddy handy and, as the mood strikes, clean or organise whatever you feel like doing, in your own way.

I would love to know what your Tendency is and if this helped you in getting your head into spring cleaning/ organising gear.

I also offer 1:1 Four Tendencies coaching sessions where we talk about your Tendency and more importantly figure out how to harness it to address any challenges you currently experience in your home, personal or work life. $60 for a one-hour session. Book your session now.

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  1. MamaCat says

    May I ask: I see your cardigans are folded. I like folded, because it takes less space, but cardigans get creased…how do you manage? The handbags on clips: Don’t you find the clips leave marks on the leather?
    I am a questioner. We spent the last week decluttering the garage and my desk area is now organised, with us building in a much needed drawer to my desk. The next thing is to declutter recipe books. HB is turning into a reader, and he needs more shelf space. HB’s cupboards need some DIY to make the cupboard sensible because deep shelves do not work in our house…clothes fall over.

    • Hi A, yes, of course you can ask.

      cardigansThey do sometimes have a bit of a crease but what helps is two things: I don’t fold them too “tight” and I lay out my clothes either in the evening, or when I wake before showering, etc. So that usually helps.

      handbags no, they don’t. Maybe because they are not very tight. They’re secure but not so tight that they leave marks (P&P clothing hangers). If you’re worried about that, then perhaps put a piece of material (you’re a sewer, you have lots off offcuts) between the bag and a hanger (I would cut up old socks)

      Try the baskets (bigger than the ones shown, probably A4 size) for those deep shelves – i had deep shelves in our previous house and I still folded Konmari-style, but within deep baskets. If you’re on Instagram, send me a DM @organisingqueen and I’ll send you a pic back of the baskets.

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