I still use a paper diary. Here’s the 2023 one.

I’ve written many, many times before about how it’s important to know what works for you in terms of planning.

My perfect diary is a weekly format, preferably some space for other notes too and enough space horizontally.

I’ve used the same type of diary as I’m using this year before – in 2018 and 2020. I like that I can zip up a pen or thin bullet journal inside and nothing falls out.

Let me show you more:

This is the monthly goals and planning page – goals, to-dos, birthdays and other important dates.
This is the monthly overview – I LOVE this page because there’s space for plenty of tracking – I track work from office days, exercise days as well as actual events.
This is the weekly view. I use the top section for events and the bottom for any specific daily to-dos. I write my weekly goals in the bottom left section (Priorities) and my weekend to-dos in the notes for the week section.

Here’s the key: I take some time every Sunday afternoon/ evening to update my diary for the week ahead so that this tool is truly useful and not just lovely to look at.

Do you use a paper or digital planner/ diary? When do you update it?

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  1. I use a paper planner, a bullet journal. It’s not a fancy, pretty decorated one. Just very functional and I update it every morning as part of my routine. Sometimes when I have early morning meetings, I don’t get time to update my planner in the morning and I don’t feel quite right until I put the day together, even if I’m already crossing off several items as I write them, LOL! I’ll also put in notes of other things that may have happened with just a dash at the beginning to signify it’s a note.

  2. Definitely a paper planner for me also Marcia. I do use an electronic planner for work as many of my appointments are via VC, but I always write the appointment in my diary as well. A week to a glance works perfectly, with space next to every day for writing goals and lists for the week.

    Could I also please let you know that your ‘subscribe’ link is generating an error message.

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