Free Printable – Christmas planner

I’m sending out this month’s printable in 30 minutes but don’t worry, even if you subscribe a little late, it will be included with your welcome pack for the next month.

free Christmas planner |

Christmas in Africa 🙂

We’re early with this one purely because I think the earlier you start, the better off you will be.

With Christmas, of course.

When you download it, please remember…

Just because someone creates a printable doesn’t mean you have to use all of it, or even any of it.

I don’t want you to feel any pressure. Okay?

Now, please tell me the ONE main thing you want from Christmas this year.

{31 days of enough time} Weekly planning

There’s nothing better than the feeling of having a clear, worry-free mind.

Mental clutter is heavy!

For me, a big contributor to not having a lot on my mind is getting things down in one place.

That means writing down my monthly goals and then, the secret to my success, using my weekly planning system.

weekly planner 31 days of enough time |

Click the picture to download your free weekly and monthly goals planner

It’s the best thing – it feels like there’s more time because there is – a whole week to get things done.

If I feel like I want to do nothing on 2 – 3 days, that’s fine, I have 4 – 5 more 🙂

Some things that work for me:

  1. I use a form of Eat the Frog with my weekly planning too. I put my “heaviest”, most important tasks at the beginning of the week which is why, if any of my friends are reading, I almost never agree to do anything fun on a Monday or Tuesday. Those days are for “heavy lifting”.
  2. I plan things throughout the week so that each day feels light and I never feel burdened or overwhelmed.
  3. I always plan fun things too, like playing with photos.
  4. I don’t make a huge list – I try not to have more than 10 things total, for both business and personal. That’s a comfortable number for me most weeks.

Weekly goals | Organising Queen

Do you do any weekly planning?

Tell me about your system, otherwise do try some weekly planning next week and let me know how you like it. It might not work for you and that is A-okay – I’m not a one size fits all coach 🙂

31 days of enough time |

Click here to download the no-fuss monthly and weekly planner

{31 days of enough time} Reality

Reality always wins |

31 days of enough time |

{31 days of enough time} One of the worst uses of time…

worst uses of time |

31 days of enough time |

{31 days of enough time} Time = life

Time equals life |

31 days of enough time |

{31 days of enough time} Time flies

Time flies |

31 days of enough time |

{Printable} Core desired feelings

I created a free printable to map out your core desired feelings.

If you’re already a newsletter subscriber, you’ll receive it in exactly 30 minutes’ time. Otherwise, if you’re not, feel free to sign up here (or on the sidebar —->>> where it says free time and organising tips) and it will be delivered to you automatically, together with your welcome pack.

Please note – the link for part 2 will not work yet as that post is only going to be published on Monday.


{Free Printable} Lovely things to do this year

I have a new free printable waiting for you if you’re a newsletter subscriber…. and if you’re not one yet, go sign up and you’ll still get it.

We attach the printable of the month to the welcome pack so you won’t miss out.

Lovely things to do this year |Organising Queen

For the last four years I’ve done a 36 things list, a 37 things list, a 38 things list and a 40 things to do by 40 list.

This year I was tired of the list …. and I didn’t feel like having a lot of pressure, so I made a lovely things to do this year list instead.

It’s very low-key and easy-breezy.

Use this list if you’ve recently had a birthday but also if you want a low-pressure place to hold some intentions to finish out 2014 (I can’t believe I’m writing about finishing this year!).

Get the list here

This year’s free printables

  1. Monthly and weekly goals
  2. Life list
  3. 3 areas in 2014
  4. Lovely things to do this year

What are some of the lovely things you want to do this year?

{Printable of the month} monthly and weekly goals form

Friends, it looks like the techno monster really didn’t want you to get this week’s printable.

I created the form, was busy saving the various versions, and got that horrible “not responding” circle in Word.

I rebooted expecting to open Word and find the “last worked on version” but nothing…. so I had to just create it all again.

So here it is, with MUCH love from me!

Screen Captures

There’s a monthly goals page – I use the exact same format except I type mine – but when I’m not at a computer or feel like using one of my lovely gel pens, I print them out.

There’s also a weekly goals page.

If you’re not signed up to the mailing list yet, this free printable is waiting for you in your welcome pack.

Print them back to back so you can flip back and forth to see how you’re doing on the monthly goals.

*** GOALS TIP – keep the A4 page in front of your computer notebook if you use one so it’s constantly in sight. ***

One thing on my list this week is to update my media page.

Now, click over to the Facebook page and tell me just ONE thing on your list this week.

Free printable 2014 monthly calendars

Laura Anderson commented on Facebook that she’s taking a hodge-podge of my organising ideas and making them all into one for her.

I’m ALL for that, Laura, since that’s how I roll too 🙂

One thing that has worked so very well over the last couple of ideas for me is a monthly calendar at a glance.

I actually buy a “nice” one from CUM books with some pretty pictures on the top and the monthly calendar at the bottom.

This one is used to mark off when the gardener comes, when the kids have appointments, when they stay the full day at school (I have to pay extra for those days so this helps me to remember at the end of the month), etc, etc.


This is an iphone photo for instagram and I was trying to show the whole wall 🙂

And then I look for a nice one on the blogs (thank God for all the clever design people!), download that one, and that becomes my business/ blog planning calendar for the month which hangs in my study.

I usually use the one from Creative Mamma because I love her fun but clean and simple design style. And I love the one page on an A4 sheet.


This is the calendar I used this year for my business planning

(PS Confession – I think this is quite clever but you might think I’m cheap – I printed an extra copy which we use for star charts. I put a sticker over the month with the kid’s name and we just keep replacing them. One kid fills a month of stars in about a month… and another does so in two weeks… and then they earn a treat like a smoothie :))

Here is the link to the 2014 one. You’ll also find all the months on a single page, and smaller versions of the monthly one.

If you want something different, click on this Pinterest link and browse around

Do you use any monthly calendars in your home?

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