Ask yourself these questions before you set your goals

I realise that many of you have already set goals, some have no intention of setting goals and still others think it’s already too late.

It’s never too late to start, and it’s definitely never too late to review your goals and tweak them to fit you perfectly.

Whenever I sit down and start working on my goals for the year (or period ahead), I follow this exact same process.

Before I even think about what I want to accomplish, I ask myself 5 questions that I’d like you to ask yourself too:

  1. What is my theme or word for the year?

Do you want more order, creativity, security, peace, stability, etc. in your life? I like to start with a one-word theme and build my goals around that word. For example, one year my word was simplify; the next year it was consolidate. This year my word is fun. See? 

  1. What are the top 3 – 5 goals you want to accomplish?

I’ve coached people on goal-setting for more than 20 years and there are some things people always come up with: go on a marriage retreat, start my own business, get pregnant, find a new job, grow spiritually, and of course, the two things on almost everyone’s people’s lists: lose weight and get organised.


  1. Are your top 3 – 5 goals aligned with your theme?

Sometimes you’ll feel uneasy on the inside when you’re trying to accomplish goals for the wrong reasons, or just at the wrong time of your life. Listen to your intuition so that your goals align with your theme and life stage.

When my twins were babies, I started signing up for business growth teleseminars but without any real excitement inside until I realised that my newborn babies were my primary focus for the next year and that’s why I didn’t really care that much about business growth.

If you have a big goal in your work life, perhaps training for Comrades is not the best thing to do too. If you have a big family goal, that’s also going to take a lot of time so consider that goal in the grand scheme of your life. 

  1. How will you get there?

Having a strong, clear vision is a big, important first step to your goals. When I coach on goals, I always ask the person to first think about what their big, juicy vision is. Tip – everything is a big, juicy goal when it’s the right goal for you.

Then we start working on the how. And remember, your big, juicy vision is not the same as mine. Once a friend told me that their big, juicy vision was just to survive a month with their sanity intact.

So how will you get there? Find someone who has the gift of being able to distill a vision into tangible action steps. This way you’ll get to your goal quickly and with no wasted effort.

Part of my giftings and skills is being able to craft clear action steps for people. Contact me and let’s set up your one-hour goals session.

  1. Who or what is in your support network?

I can never over-emphasise the importance of having someone in your corner, cheering you on to your goals.

Do you have a friend, pastor, mentor, colleague, coach, etc. who can do that for you? Notice I didn’t say family member because I’ve found over the years that family members are a little too close to the action and often can’t be objective in helping and guiding you.

Of course you can do it on your own… if you’re willing to take a longer time and you have the patience to make lots more mistakes along the way. Or if you’re an upholder on Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies framework.

Now that you’ve read the 5 questions, I have one last challenge for you:

Write out your goals and stick them up somewhere!

It worked

Did you see my post about the washi tape binder clips on Friday?

I kept to my word which means the reason I was able to post is that I finished the 3 things on my book to-do list.

Yay me!

The public accountability worked so well (because I did a few extra things too) that I’ve decided to let you help hold me accountable again this week.

This week I need to:

  1. format the content according to guidelines
  2. add some additional information (I noticed they want some extra bits and bobs)
  3. merge two sections that have similar content into one

I’m giving myself until Friday 🙂

Until then, have a wonderful week!




How are YOU doing on your November goals?

You are my accountability

Sometimes I’m slow.

This would be one of those times.

Some of you know I’ve wanted to write a book.

The book was done in July this year and still needs a couple of things done before being ready to publish:

  1. proofreading
  2. write back and front matter (ha! it doesn’t even have a name yet)
  3. buy ISBN number
  4. book and pay designer to do the cover
  5. someone has to format it for the Kindle
  6. someone has to put it onto Amazon
  7. the book needs to go to print

Of course, aside from all that, I have to do some marketing of the book on this and other blogs, etc, etc.

Anyway, there are things on that list that I can do… I just haven’t.


And it’s just occurred to me – I need to make myself accountable in a public forum to get those things done.

The thing that most motivates me is accountability – how about you?

So here it is – I’m not going to blog on this blog until 2, 3 and 4 are done. The rest of those items are dependent on other people.

My aim is to see you back here on Friday…. 🙂 wish me well.

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