My monthly recap for July

I’m smack-bang in the middle of birthday season at the moment, so I’m not going to wait for the actual end-of-the-month before doing my monthly recap.

As an aside, can you see how this Upholder is breaking loose?! The Four Tendencies deep dive course really helped me to clarify why I do things and question whether I want to continue doing them. When I figure out Instagram TV, I’m going to do a little video on my learnings from the course.

Moving along.

Let’s talk about my highlights for July

1. Our family beach holiday. We were in Ballito for a week and I read 5 books, got to nap on the couch one afternoon, watched Wimbledon, and took many many walks on the boardwalk. Also, something weird happens to my body at the coast – I wake at 6.20 every day (I would wake at 9.00 if left to my own devices in Johannesburg)  – so I got to watch so many sunrises.

2. I’ve read 10 books thus far. I should finish on 12 for the month.

3. I crossed off something from the house to-do list which was to put in a shower in the kids’ bathroom. It came about in a really standard way for me which is I became irritated with having a messy bathroom every day when I got home from work as the kids used to use my shower. Dion and I are both very neat in our bedroom/ bathroom so I asked for a quote, changed the hardware out once and then paid the deposit and the shower was done.

4. I’ve done all the birthday planning. Two parties down, Dion’s birthday on Friday and mine on the 6th with a lunch on Sat 4th. Last year we had both the twins’ parties on the same weekend – mayhem – so this year we had 1 per weekend. Of course it feels like I’m entertaining for 4 straight weeks (which I am) but it’s been a whole lot more manageable. I’m only two parties in, but so far so good.

5. And for work, I survived the year-end madness 🙂 I was also up to date two days after returning from leave which is a feat that I’m particularly excited about.

Noteworthy mentions of the organising kind

  • I made updated travel lists and have put them in an A5 flipfile right down to which little travel pouch to use for my bedside table stuff. I’m super thrilled about this tiny little task that took about 10 minutes because now I don’t need to THINK every time I travel. I will just whip out my little flipfile and follow my lists.
  • We used Uber for our holiday again and it was great.
  • I ran a little giveaway on Instagram for Mandela Day and while I thought there’d be a lot more people putting up their hands for a free coaching session, I only had 4 takers, which means those 4 get 17 minutes each 🙂

Tell me about your highlights and organising mentions this month.

This is how we feel about beach holidays 😉


Clothes I didn’t wear while on a beach holiday

We were on holiday at the coast for two weeks in January.

When I packed to come back home, I couldn’t believe how much I had that I didn’t even use.

Part of it is just that it was so hot and humid but another is that I didn’t plan properly because I ran out of time so on the Sunday night I just tossed things in. Still mostly within a colour scheme but tossed nonetheless.

I’m blogging about it because this was a classic case of how not planning leads to ineffective organising, and also, I want to remember so I don’t make the same mistakes next time.

A friend once said to me when you go on a beach holiday, put everything you want to take with you on the bed and then put half of it back.

That worked for me in Thailand so it would have worked here too.

Not so strangely, I took some time making a list for the kids and we packed beautifully for them. They also didn’t wear all their clothes (even when it rained it was still so hot) but everything in their suitcase had a purpose 🙂

So notes to my future travelling self:

  1. only take 3 handbags – a really small one, the huge one for all the electronics (Kindle, ipad, etc) and a tote to carry a towel, water, apple and camera to the beach.
  2. don’t even bother taking closed shoes, jeans or long-sleeved t-shirts – 1 sweatshirt and 1 pair of capris will do nicely
  3. 4 pairs of shorts are enough
  4. the denim skirt was a winner
  5. you only need to take 6 sleeveless T’s and maybe 2 short-sleeved t-shirts



Are you typically an over or under-packer?

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