Random acts of kindness – wrap up

Remember these posts about the 19 random acts of kindness for John?

I’d like you all to know that I’m not a flake and did, in fact, do all my random acts of kindness.

I haven’t blogged them because I kept forgetting and truth is, I forgot to write a lot of them down, thinking my memory would do the trick but it didn’t.

Beth and I were chatting last week and she mentioned that it’s 6 months since Jon was murdered.

6 months!

I’m still horrified and honestly, I try not to think about it too much so I don’t become paralysed again like I did for that month when it first happened.

Still, this is a good opportunity to honour Jon’s memory so here goes:

  • sent my VA a thank-you card and notebook
  • made 3 travel journals for a friend’s kids – they took a family holiday to Europe
  • sent a care package all the way to Pennsylvania to a blog friend and her kids
  • wrote out 7 mothers’ day cards for friends of mine telling them they’re awesome mothers
  • baked muffins for another friend’s kids who didn’t want to eat!
  • gave baby mesh feeders to two colleagues for their kids
  • bought earrings for a colleague because I liked the label for her – it said “woman of splendour” 🙂
  • bought a box of tea for yet another colleague, a tea drinker
  • bought some t-shirts for a friend’s kid – I thought he’d look cute in them
  • 4 notebooks to various people
  • left random anonymous notes on the bathroom mirrors at work saying things like “your dreams are worth it” and “you are beautiful” – stuff like that. Wouldn’t you like to get random notes like that?
  • left “welcome back” note on a colleague’s desk who’d spent time away from the office on a project

There were many more I can’t think of; I like to think that being this way is such a part of my life that I forget to take notes. Ha 🙂

Interesting thoughts about this exercise:

  • once you get going, it’s really fun listening out for opportunities to bless other people
  • it’s easy for me to encourage and affirm people
  • it’s also easy for me to do nice things when I’m organised (keeping some small cards in my handbag at all times) and prepared
  • sometimes people don’t even say thank you, even when the gesture wasn’t anonymous! We all know how I feel about saying thank you. But I’m not stopping though; it’s their lives and their choice to be grateful or not.
  • it really feels good to bring joy to people.

What else can you add to the list? What lessons have you learnt from doing random acts of kindness?


Simplify your money systems

Attention: Overwhelmed individuals whose financial lives seem out of control

Ask yourself: do you want be paralyzed with worry because you don’t know if you’ll have enough money to pay your bills?

  • Do you know where all your bills are?
  • Is your current money system scattered and not working?
  • Or worse, do you have no money system except hope?
  • We all want more financial security, but how do you do it?

My friend, Beth Dargis, has a new class to help you simplify your money systems:

Read more here to see if this could help you out.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how are your mid-year finances?

P.S. Beth wrote a blog post the other day on communicating simply and effectively. I told her she got quite fiesty 🙂

Women, this is your month.

In South Africa we celebrate women with a special public holiday on 9 August every year.

This year I decided to celebrate women the ENTIRE month.

So I’m looking out for things every week to inspire you, motivate you and help you to live your best life.

Like this call on ways to take care of ourselves better.

I’m signing up and it’s such a steal that I know you’ll join me too.


Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself

There never seems to be enough time and all the magazines ask you to do things like exercise an hour a day, fresh squeeze your juice, and meditate 20 minutes morning and night.

We all want to be the best we can be, so what are some simpler, less time intrusive ways we can take care of ourselves – body, mind and soul?

Join Beth Dargis on this content-rich call with ideas for making time to take care of yourself, feeling more energetic and centered, and getting rid of the guilt. Practical ideas, not “no real person has time for that” ideas. You will also have time to ask questions for your own personal situation.

You will also get a pdf workbook so you can engage with the ideas that you connect with most.

Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself call, recording and workbook is only $7.

Sign up below to register for the call, recording and workbook.

(Make sure you click to confirm the email, so you get the phone details.)

www.mysimplerlife.com/simpleways.htm )

P.S. I don’t get commission; I’m telling you about this because I think it would help you (and me :))

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