Marcia gets crafty 3 – washi tape binder clips

So I’m very slightly addicted to washi tape at the moment.

I get my packages delivered to work.

A package of lovely orange tape arrived for me and I couldn’t wait to start playing with it.

This is why all my boring black binder clips are all sporting orange at the moment.

So quick and easy and I did them all while chatting to a client on the phone 🙂

What’s this got to do with organising?

Well, we all know organising is MUCH more fun when things are pretty and when you’re happy to use them.

Do you like washi tape?

Have you decorated any of your office supplies yet?

How do you keep your cables and cords neat and tidy?

First, a confession.

If there is one thing that sends me over the edge, it’s having a jumble of tangled cables/ cords.

Cell phone charger, kindle charger, camera cords, etc.

I used to fold my cords neatly and wrap with an elastic band which works beautifully but takes a couple of seconds longer.

Until I figured this out.

Do you hear the birds chirping? The world is a happy place once again.

This is my Kindle cord and I currently use these binder/ bulldog clips for everything in sight.

I simply use smaller ones for thinner cords and bigger ones for the thicker ones.

I love cheap, easy organising solutions. Don’t you?

How do you keep your cables and cords neat and tidy? Do the messy ones bother you too?


P.S. Don’t forget to add your organising question to the list.

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