Readers’ favourite Organising Queen posts for 2017

This is a big post with lots of reading, guys. I love posts like this on other blogs and I usually stretch them out with numerous mugs of tea throughout the day 🙂

Let’s get to it – the favourite posts per month. And fun fact, each picture was taken in that specific month of the year, so enjoy Johannesburg (and Ballito, for July) through my lens 🙂


Word of the year recap and this year’s word

A bullet journal/ diary hybrid

What I learned in January


5 favourite posts about stationery

What I want more of this year

The annual filing that wasn’t 🙂


Free digital and audio books with Overdrive

How to write a friendship manifesto

Soul care vs self-care


My year of happy – April project goals

If it’s not serving you, let it go

 7 things about reading


Let’s talk about hygge (1)

My house has a to-do list

Your silent to-do list


Mental nourishment in the form of unplugging

What I learned in May

What’s in my handbag?


Getting motivated, Four Tendencies style

Creatives can’t get organised. Myth or truth?

Half-year review of my word of the year (give)


Your amazing habits

Do you suffer from perfectionism?

Lovely things to do this year


My 5 favourite posts about the goal-setting process (this is actually the most popular post of the year!)

How I do menu planning, and what I cook for my freezer

Why you should menu plan


Choosing your 2018 diary

How my whole planning system fits together

Good news – you get to choose


Technology and your tendency – work

Technology and your tendency – personal

Switching up what’s not working for you

Did you agree with these posts? Was there a favourite post that you want to highlight? Let me know. All of this influences some of the editorial content for next year.

Happy 10th birthday to my blog

Happy birthday to my little blog.

Happy 10th birthday to

I wrote my first post 10 years ago 😮 Who knew I’d have so much to say about organising that I’d still be blogging 10 years later?!

It started when we moved into this house and I realised we “didn’t have enough kitchen cupboards” for all our stuff. I even went so far as to get people to quote on installing some more built-ins.

When they gave me the quote, I realised how crazy I was being.

I was prepared to PAY to store stuff I probably wasn’t going to use anytime soon.

And so the decluttering started and my love for organising.

Happy 10th birthday to

Fun story – when the lady who bought our old house (with twice the amount of storage) told me she needed more cupboards, I told her she had too much stuff. That house had a ton of storage!

Now when people say they want to buy a bigger house because they have too much stuff, I still think they’re crazy. Do you really want to pay Rx-thousand extra a month to store things you should probably throw away?

Just like work expands to fill the available time, so does stuff expand to fill the available space…. if you’re not intentional about keeping on top of your stuff.

Happy 10th birthday to

Thank you for reading my musings, whether you’ve been reading for one week, one year or all those 10 years. Those were the good old days of blogging 🙂

How long have you been reading the blog?

What were some of your favourite posts?

{Blogging} Using an editorial calendar

I really love to fly by the seat of my pants as far as blogging is concerned BUT that doesn’t work so well when you have a full and busy life, and have committed to blog three times a week.

So for about a year now I’ve been using an editorial calendar.

Using an editorial calendar | Organising Queen

I really don’t get all Fancypants about it. It’s a free printable calendar (mine from If you search Pinterest, you will find TONS.

I start with all the things I know will happen in the month – goals post, some reading for the weekend, and then on a Wed, the newsletter goes out. There are always two articles, a free printable and a recommended resource (whatever I’m selling for the month) so I put those in.

Using an editorial calendar | Organising Queen

Using an editorial calendar | Organising Queen

Then I try to think up some topics for organising projects, and some mindset/ behaviour things that relate to time!

Once the calendar is full, I quickly type it into my dashboard and then I generally start writing. When a post is done and ready, I highlight it in yellow. I also highlight the newsletters in orange (a brief version of the newsletter goes here; none of the personal titbits do).

Using an editorial calendar | Organising Queen

I recently downloaded a WordPress plug-in for an editorial calendar which is fabulous. The best thing is you can drag and drop. If I look at the calendar and it doesn’t make sense to publish posts in a particular order, I just drag those posts to where I want them. So easy!

This is great because just looking at the photo, 6 of those posts got canned!

Do you use an editorial calendar?

{Blogging} Setting up photos for your blog posts: my 5 strategies

My blog has become much more photo-heavy over the last couple of years as my photography improved and I now seem to have a really good workflow.

We’ve spoken about how I organise the photos I want to use before but this is a step before that one – actually setting up to take the photos for your blog posts.

Here are the 5 things I ensure when I prepare to take photos for the blog:

1. Take a photo with lots of negative space so I can “write” on it.

Preparing photos for your blog posts | Organising Queen

2. Add a few supplies to “style” the photo better (I have no illusions that my styling is good, so don’t burst my bubble)

Preparing photos for your blog posts | Organising Queen

Preparing photos for your blog posts | Organising Queen

3. Use at least two different backgrounds initially til I download and see which looks best

Preparing photos for your blog posts | Organising Queen

4. Use lots of angles. If you want to play with this concept (it’s a really good creativity stretch), try take a photo of something from 5 different angles til you find the 2 – 3 that work for you (for me that’s straight on, and close up with some blur in the background).

Preparing photos for your blog posts | Organising Queen

5. Take photos from the front and the back, right side up and flip side. You never know when something you didn’t even consider looks REALLY good. This happens a lot with me.

Preparing photos for your blog posts | Organising Queen  Preparing photos for your blog posts | Organising Queen

Of course, the most obvious one is wait for good light. Everybody says this so I won’t harp on too much about it.

I’ve tried to bypass this step and I end up deleting those photos 98% of the time, so now, I just wait for good light and then go on a photo-taking frenzy of all my projects 🙂

By the way, the photos in this post are how I packaged these photo cards for a gift.

What are your tips for me and other bloggers?

{Mission} Tidying your online spaces

I’ve spent a couple of hours tidying up the blog a bit.


When I had my blog makeover last year, a few things got lost in the switch and I never made the time to fix it all properly.

But that was one of my goals for this year – to tidy up the blog, especially the sidebars that were annoying me way too much. Like the missing search button that I also use when people ask me for things that I know I’ve blogged before.

(I actually have lots of online places to tidy up – I started with Pinterest a few weeks back, my website is also on my list to update testimonials and so on)

So, the place is neater and hopefully more organised but please do me a favour and poke around – sidebars, menu bar, etc.

Tell me if there’s a corner I forgot to clean 🙂 and I’ll get right on it.

Thank you and happy weekend!

Do you need to tidy up your online presence a bit? Polish your bios and profiles on social media?

Next up… the kids’ blog 🙂

Why I’m closing comments on the blog


We’ve spoken before about comments or rather, the lack of comments on this blog.

At the time, some people wrote some very nice things about how maybe people who read organising blogs don’t have time to leave comments.

It’s a good reason but then I thought about many other organising blogs who do, in fact, have tons of comments on every post.

So apparently it’s just me.

I’m not looking for sympathy – it’s just a fact.

A part of what has always made blogging very rewarding for me is the connection with some of you and the feedback .

I can’t change that part of me, nor do I want to, so I’m owning the fact that I do like comments and there’s nothing wrong with that.

And so I decided to close comments on this blog for a couple of reasons:

1. the number of comments (thank you to those of you who do pop in to say hello) don’t justify me creating a bit of extra work for myself

2. readers can still contact me by emailing marcia AT

3. I had the lovely Trisha (my virtual assistant) install a Facebook plugin so that those of you who want to say hi can talk in the Facebook comments just below the post

4. it will remove my expectation to interact with my readers


What do you need to own in your life?

PS if this starts to feel too unnatural, I reserve the right to open up the comments again 🙂









Some bloggy spring cleaning

Hello all

I’m doing some spring cleaning on the blog. Yes, we are already knee-deep into spring but better late than never, right?

1. Please let me know if your usual feed/ links aren’t working properly because I removed the redirect so all the posts should now say
2. I’ve made only half a feed publish through to the readers so that hopefully you will decide to click through and engage with me more. I know it’s easier to read from email/ reader but it’s very lonely if I hear only from one or two people.
3. Speaking of comments, to those of you who do comment, a big, big THANK YOU! When I reply (I reply to 95% of comments within the comments), do you get it coming through to your email?
I had a plug-in installed so that I could answer in the comments and it would email those people directly but Julia, you said you didn’t the ones from the system. Is that still the case? Do I need to pay someone to fix it again?


4. Do you all know how to comment? I had some feedback that the comment form was hard to find. At the bottom of every post you’ll see something like this:

Posted in intentional living | 3 comments

If you click on the link “3 comments” it will bring up an empty box to write your lovely words.

5. Do you ever click around the blog to look for things or do you just read the current post?

6. Then last but not least, and I’m almost scared to ask this question (a blogger I read asked a similar question a few months ago and people were mostly positive and constructive but boy oh boy, there were lots of very blunt comments – I told her I’d have had a nice cry 🙂) but I’ll use my word of the year and exercise some COURAGE…


What kind of changes would you like to see on the blog that will enable you to find things better?

If you’re a techno-wizard and you have ideas in mind or links to blogs that show what you mean (because really, all I do is know how to write a bit – everything else about blogging is a big mystery to me), leave me a note in the comments.

Letting go

When you take off just one day from reading blogs and your previously empty reader goes to 120 unread items, you know it’s time to start decluttering.

Well, that’s how I know it’s time to start decluttering.

The thing is…

I typically have a problem letting go. I’d say that on the scale of 1 – 10, where 1 is terrible and 10 is great, I’m about a 3.

  • What if they post something super-awesome and I miss it?
  • What if there’s the PERFECT organising tip and I don’t see it?
  • What if there’s the best crafty idea ever?
  • What if I just miss out?

(clearly I think too much)

But I’m going to set myself mini goals.

I already started. From 116 subscriptions I’m already down to 98.

I’m telling myself that somehow, somewhere, if something is meant to find its way back to me (!), I’ll either see it featured on a blog I still read or on Pinterest.

How’s that for positive self-talk?

So how good are you at letting go?

And more importantly, how many do you have in your reader? 🙂

Blog makeover

If you normally read my blog in a reader, click through and come on over.

Organising Queen has had a makeover.

As with any makeover, there’s a story…

I got another blog redesigned on blogger and wanted the same designer to do this one but she doesn’t do WordPress so I said, “no problem, do the designing of the little bits and pieces and I’ll get someone to add it on later”

Not such a little problem.

My usual person has been moving and whatnot so has been unavailable and eventually I begged and begged some more and the lovely Jayme (who is a rockstar mom also with twins) agreed to do it for me.

(thank you to all the others who also offered to do the work)

What do you think?

What should I move around? How can I make things easier for you to find?

BTW, what is the difference between tags and categories, and when do you use one vs the other? (in blogger, it’s so easy – there’s one thing, and it’s called labels)

What do you want to read about on the blog?

Okay, so I’ve decided to organise things a bit more on the blog.

I’m leaning very heavily toward having a specific topic for each day of the work week, with Sat and Sun off unless I have some “burning issues” things to post 🙂

How does this look?

M – inspiring space (to showcase something I found on the internet or a reader’s organised space, big or small)
T – something on purposeful and intentional time management (the simplify your life posts would fall under this category)
W – proper article (like on decluttering your computer, organising photos, overcoming procrastination, lists you should be using, etc)
T – question to hear from you (like do you wear a watch? how many bins do you have, etc. – I must admit, these are my favourite because I get to hear from so many of you)
F – inspiration in action – this is all about me (how I store ribbons, organise my car keys, my bedside table, Pampers box, etc)

These ideas are written in PENCIL in my notebook. Which means they can change!

I would love to hear from you – what other ideas do you have? What would you like to read about on the blog?

Also, this will only start properly in a few weeks once my guest bloggers have completed the Simplify your Life ecourse.

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