The Konmari method vs Capsule Wardrobing vs old-fashioned decluttering

As I mentioned on Monday, I bought The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up and I started listening today.

Since I’m not ready to write a review yet, I thought I’d give you a quick take on the book so far and then talk about other methods.

The short answer is – I already love a lot of it. Those who are Questioners will enjoy it too, I think 🙂

this photo is from last year – half those things I no longer own 🙂


The Konmari Method

If you search the hashtag #Konmari on Instagram, you will see amazing photos of people’s spaces (and I think, lives) being transformed.

I follow someone who is a huge crafter and she is KILLING it. She’s done her clothes, kids’ clothes, toys, books and craft stuff. Amazing.

For me so far, it’s about more than stuff and organising and I think that’s why this method is so successful.

The abstainers will love it; as a moderator, I’m listening in the car, cringing at the thought of ALL my stuff on my FLOOR (my trigger! I can’t STAND stuff on the floor – #justaskmykids) but I can see the attraction, especially for the abstainers. If you’re a moderator, my organise your home e-course is much more of a step-by-step process.

The main thing is “does this spark joy?” If it does, you keep it. If not, toss. So simple and yet so powerful.


Capsule wardrobing

Capsule wardrobes don’t really work for me mainly because I’m not a neutral type of person and I really love colour. But I ignored the numbers of things you’re “supposed” to have in your capsule, did a work clothes and a casual clothes capsule, and that did it for me.

I have much less, and most things do go with one another.

The advantages for me – easy to dress in the mornings, very easy to pack when I went on holiday and almost everything goes with everything else.

The disadvantage for me – my clothes started feeling a bit boring – but then I told myself, “that’s what scarves are for” and I have plenty of those, so much so I actually decluttered some 😮

Storing handbags |

Old-fashioned decluttering

Before all these new-fangled ideas came about, there was old-fashioned decluttering, which worked just fine for most of us.

I’ve written plenty about decluttering clothes before, and what I said then is still true. The process is solid.

We typically wear only about 20% of our stuff so why not only keep the 20% and actually wear all the things we love.

Decluttering is not as trendy a word as a capsule wardrobe or Konmari is, but I promise, if you go step-by-step, it will still work.

My thoughts

Decluttering is more for the moderator, and Konmari is more for the abstainer.

Although if you want to make radical change quickly and you’re prepared for a bit of upheaval, then Konmari’s going to get the job done SUPER quick.

What’s working in terms of managing your clothes/ stuff these days?

{Living intentionally} Capsule wardrobes – part 3

Capsule wardrobes |

Part 1 and Part 2

Let me give you some capsule wardrobe feedback from (our) summer.

I have very little I can wear to work at the moment for a few reasons:

1. My workplace is exceptionally cold. So much so I gave in and bought a black flow-y shawl-type thing that I leave at the office permanently (except to be laundered every so often). I survive the cold for about 30 minutes in the mornings before I have to put on the shawl. So it really doesn’t matter what I wear… all people see is this black top.

This also means I haven’t worn any of my nice summer jackets that I’d normally wear. Except when I’m out seeing clients.

Before you helpfully tell me to report it and sort out the aircon, let me add that I’ve done it all. ALL. The aircon guy has yet to avoid me when he spots me… but we’re fast getting there.

2. I’ve only been wearing pants due to the cold. The pants started looking a little… old… but in true female fashion, I really don’t want to buy more pants til I lose another 2 kg 🙂

All this means is that I’ve been super bored with my wardrobe. I only have about 5 – 6 suitable (based on the cold office) things in rotation.

Thank goodness we have Casual Fridays!

Capsule wardrobes |

As for casual clothes, I seem to be in a grey/ yellow/ blue and coral/ blue phase at the moment, and I’m going with that.

I returned a few things I bought that were outside the colour scheme because when tags are still attached to clothes two months later, clearly you’re not into them…

I have plenty casual clothes still… so I’m very actively employing my method of decluttering madness, which is … every time I wear something and it irritates me, out it goes 🙂

So that’s where I’m at with this capsule thing for summer – mostly bored but enjoying weekend dressing!

The weather is getting delightfully nippy in the mornings so we’re fully in autumn now.

I’ll keep track of the clothes I wear for the cold weather (outside and inside), and post another update in a month or so.

Now tell me, have you tried using a capsule wardrobe? How’s it working for you?

Capsule wardrobes |

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