Let’s talk about deep clutter

I finished Gretchen Rubin’s book, Outer Order Inner Calm, a few months ago and while there’s not much new under the sun about organising, I do love her approach that not one size will fit all.

A concept that has stayed with me for a while now is the one about deep clutter.

In the book, she mentions that it’s easy to see messy people’s clutter. That’s called surface clutter.

However, many of us (I include myself here) have deep clutter and we don’t even realise it because it’s tucked away in a cupboard, sometimes even neatly organised.

Just because something is organised beautifully in your cupboard doesn’t mean it’s not clutter; it could be deep clutter. I immediately thought of all the pantries on Instagram that are gorgeous, yes. But I often wonder if people really eat all that food on a regular basis?

Or the beautifully organised rooms full of clothes… if those 17 pairs of jeans are not being used, that’s deep clutter.

She also mentioned that your things should move around your house. Example – if your dishes are in the sink, and then on the table, and then packed away, they’re all clearly being used, so are not clutter.

The dishes at the back of the cupboard that never move? Those dishes are probably deep clutter.

I was immediately inspired to use the stuff I love and the next time I gave my kids a snack, I used my fancy tapas bowls so they’d get an outing 🙂 And last night I dug out some dishes I used  to use regularly a few years ago. I still love them so I fed the kids on them and they loved feeling special.

Here’s your organising challenge:

  1. Check the back of your cupboards to unearth all the deep clutter.
  2. Either start using those things (yes, your fancy things may break – it’s okay) or donate them.
  3. Take a pic and post on Instagram; tag me so I’ll come see them

PS if you’re interested, my life admin list still has 9 items on it. I remain hopeful that I’ll be able to cross off 5 in the next week or so!

Free printable clutter

Fullscreen capture 20130305 103418 PM

I love a free printable as much as the next person. I even have a Pinterest board called Free Printable Goodness 🙂

Confession – I’m very bad at remembering to pin to this board …

I’ve been clearing out my hard drive and quite honestly, I’m shocked at how many things I have that I’ve never used and, if I’m quite honest, have no intention of using either. Things that I just clicked on because it was free (how many posters can you actually put up in your house?!) or that looked cute at the time.

Remember the definition of clutter? Things you don’t love or use.

There were printables that were not exactly my style (I’m a very plain and simple person) and TONS I wasn’t using.

So I made a new folder – printables I will actually use – and I dragged in a couple and deleted all the rest.

The thing is I have a few printables I use over and over again – for example, there are some happy birthday tags I downloaded probably 4 years ago and I keep printing the file over and over, and some Christmas tags for baked goodies and some Christmas tags.

I don’t need the rest and let’s face it – if I do happen to need a little something for my very boring laundry room, I can use Pinterest’s search function and find one in 0.2 seconds so there’s no need to store all these things on my hard drive, right.

Okay, over to you.

Do you have a weakness for free printables too?

Let’s go through those free printables on our hard drives this weekend and get rid of them.

How I made R1000 in a little under an hour

I’ve just checked my credit card statement and there’s a total of just over R1000 in credit.

Can I tell you what that’s due to?

I returned things to 4 stores that I bought on impulse.

Apparently when I got home I just tossed them in a cupboard and forgot about them. Which means I really didn’t need or want them that badly, right?

Well, when I sorted out a shelf in my study and found all these new notebooks, unused, I hauled them out, found the cash slip and put them in a bag.

That sparked the fire.

I then quickly went around the house, hunting for unused goods still in their original packaging that had been bought in the last 2 months.

A few days later I went to the shops and returned all those things. All in about 45 minutes. Driving there and back put it at just under an hour.

One of those things was a gorgeous, gorgeous brown leather handbag…. drool…. except… I have no brown clothes that fit me at the moment so it’ll be some time before I need one.

And if I were to be 100% honest, I already have two brown handbags, one of them leather (bought in Malaysia).

My reason for returning all these items?

Not needed.

Which is true.

My challenge to you this weekend is this – go around your house and collect all the things you thought you needed but haven’t even opened, and take them back to the store for a credit refund.

Who’s up for the challenge? Post your intention in the comments.

I will pick one of you to get a free copy of my financial freedom e-course 🙂

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