My annual birthday review

I started doing a review of my year that was a few years ago. This typically happens on the first free weeknight after my birthday.

I make a cup of tea, grab my bullet journal and sit down at my desk to do some actual writing.

It’s actually not important how you do it; just that you do.

I prefer to write so that I’m not distracted by the internet, notifications, etc. but if you don’t have that problem, by all means just type out your answer.

An aside – there’s no magic time to do a life review; I just happen to think my birthday’s a good time to take stock, but you can do it tonight! Tomorrow! This weekend 🙂

Here’s a post I wrote about this before.

Me, at 43

Again, here are some of the questions I used this time, but listen to your heart and write the questions you feel you need to explore. If you don’t have a clue where to start, start with these questions:

  1. what worked well for me this year?
  2. what didn’t work well?
  3. what do I need to stop doing?
  4. are there any relationships I need to let go of?
  5. how am I living out my word of the year? do I need to choose a new word?
  6. how am I living out my values?
  7. what do I want to focus on in the year ahead?
  8. what am I grateful for?
  9. how do I want to feel this next year?
  10. what do I want to give myself this next year?

A few notes from my birthday review:

  1. I’m very happy with my current work rhythms because I mostly feel on top of things.
  2. Some of my biggest joys this year were from learning my enneagram number and taking the Discovering You and Exploring you courses with Your Enneagram Coach, and from doing the Four Tendencies deep dive course with Gretchen Rubin.
  3. I’m happy tending to my current friendships while leaving enough space for spontaneity.
  4. We’ve had three amazing family holidays this year.
  5. I read 111 books from one birthday to the next 😉
  6. I’ve chosen to let go of situations that I normally wouldn’t, because it just didn’t feel worth it any more.

And now I’m ready to tackle 44!

Have you done a birthday or life review lately? What were some of your highlights/ insights?

{Live intentionally} Core desired feelings – part 2

Last week I wrote part 1 about core desired feelings.

If you missed that post, have a read here.

Today we’re taking it one step further.

Danielle had a mini-workbook-type thing somewhere on her blog/ newsletter/ I can’t remember because I print them off and don’t keep the files 🙂

There was a question in there – which three things will you do daily to create those core desired feelings in your life?

No skipping steps.

If you haven’t done so yet, get the printable at my site and do the CDF exercise first.

Core desired feelings | Organising Queen

I took the time to really do some thinking and after scribbling away, it came down to a few key things for me:

Core desired feelings | Organising Queen

Remember these are my core desired feelings…Core desired feelings | Organising Queen

Speak to real people (in the flesh as opposed to online relationships)

If there’s an opportunity to connect or engage with someone in real life, that will always trump online activity. E.g. if Connor wants me to go for a walk and I’m busy scrolling through Instagram, he comes first. Silly example but there you go. I’m very bad at being vulnerable and asking for help, so I added in to be brave and do those things.

Create something

I feel unaccomplished if I’m not creating something. Create (for me) means organising, photographing, writing a blog, article, book, designing a printable, cooking, baking, making memories with the kids, etc.

Be fully present

This one also talks to engagement. Be with the person in front of you – family and friends. This is a great one and one that is very easy – simply leave your phone in your handbag. I’ve been excellent at this and in so doing, forgot to take pics at about 5 or 6 socials 🙂 At my birthday lunch, my one friend said to me, “I’m a bit worried that you won’t have any photos because I haven’t seen you with your camera the entire afternoon” so I quickly whipped around and took a few photos 🙂

Core desired feelings | Organising Queen

Isn’t this fun?

Over to you.

Which three things will you do daily to create those core desired feelings in your life?

{Printable} Core desired feelings

I created a free printable to map out your core desired feelings.

If you’re already a newsletter subscriber, you’ll receive it in exactly 30 minutes’ time. Otherwise, if you’re not, feel free to sign up here (or on the sidebar —->>> where it says free time and organising tips) and it will be delivered to you automatically, together with your welcome pack.

Please note – the link for part 2 will not work yet as that post is only going to be published on Monday.


{Live intentionally} Core desired feelings – part 1

If you haven’t yet heard of Danielle LaPorte’s core desired feelings, then you’re missing out.

I watched this video where Danielle talks with Marie Forleo about goal-setting with a twist and I was hooked.

Basically, you’re not chasing goals but you’re chasing the feelings you want to feel. Slight twist but so very powerful.

Core desired feelings | Organising Queen

I did a little mind map (as I do!) on CDFs for the work I want to be doing, and then I did a general mind map for my general core desired feelings. The photos in this post is my “whole life” mind map.

If you decide to take up the challenge, you could do it my way – with a mind map – or just tap into what currently works for you. But take the time to have some thinking and feeling time.

It’s a really powerful exercise.

I chatted about this concept with one friend over supper one night, and just talking her through the process and pondering/ probing/ gently challenging her thinking was hugely insightful.

Core desired feelings | Organising Queen

If you want to apply this concept to organising of your home or time, you could simply ask yourself these questions:

What are my core desired feelings for my home?

These are mine:

  1. order
  2. peace
  3. freedom
  4. breathing space
  5. fun

What are my core desired feelings for my time/ schedule?

These are mine:

  1. freedom
  2. (lots of) white space
  3. abundance
  4. (yet) accomplished
  5. connected

Core desired feelings | Organising Queen

What are your core desired feelings?

(I’m sending out a free printable to work through your CDFs on Wednesday. Are you signed up to the newsletter yet?)

You can make a printable/ shareable/ pinnable graphic of your CDFs here.


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