Marcia gets crafty 1 – jazzing up notebooks

As you know, notebooks are one of my favourite organising tools.

I have a not-so-slight addiction and in fact, I set a goal to give away 37 notebooks over the next year as one of the items on my 37 things list which I made for my birthday in August.

So far I’ve already given away 17 and we’re only three months in. I think I’m going to have to increase that goal to at least 50.

Moving on.

So this is my current favourite obsession.

Decorating notebooks. It combines stationery, one of my favourite things, and a new love, crafting.

I’m using the word “crafting” very loosely as I don’t consider myself creative in this way but I’ll share my stuff nonetheless. It may be inspiration for others of you who are more like me.

Presenting my notebooks 🙂

look at the fabric tape

and free printable Ms I found somewhere on the internet (I can’t remember where – if you know, tell me so I can link)

same with these be and love printable circles – free somewhere too

another M notebook – this one for me. I’m in love with the combination of blue and yellow, with brown

and still some more

aren’t those Ms gorgeous? (they’re not all for me – lots of gifts)

pink fabric tape

Do you like notebooks? What have you created lately?

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