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Lovely things to do this year |Organising Queen

For the last four years I’ve done a 36 things list, a 37 things list, a 38 things list and a 40 things to do by 40 list.

This year I was tired of the list …. and I didn’t feel like having a lot of pressure, so I made a lovely things to do this year list instead.

It’s very low-key and easy-breezy.

Use this list if you’ve recently had a birthday but also if you want a low-pressure place to hold some intentions to finish out 2014 (I can’t believe I’m writing about finishing this year!).

Get the list here

This year’s free printables

  1. Monthly and weekly goals
  2. Life list
  3. 3 areas in 2014
  4. Lovely things to do this year

What are some of the lovely things you want to do this year?

Free printable, picking my brain and community

Three quick things today:


There’s a free printable waiting for you in your welcome pack when you sign up to the newsletter. It’s a lovely planning tool for you to choose just three organising tasks/ projects per month for the rest of the year.

I think I’ll create one for 2015 too 🙂

Have fun using it!



I have a few Pick my Brain sessions left for July at $100 each; the other 5 are $147 each, which is still a steal as other coaches/ consultants offer them at $250 and upwards.

In the past, people have picked my brain on these kinds of issues:

– how to run a business while working full-time
– how do I write the book I know is inside of me
– I’ve written my book. How do I get all the bits and pieces together so it gets Kindle-ised and up on Amazon, or ready for publishing?
– I want to start doing talks. How do I get clear on my message and how do I get my first talks booked?
– I would love to be a professional organiser. How do I get started? (this is very popular)
– how to save towards a big juicy goal like taking a sabbatical (like I’m doing!)

actually, the sky’s the limit!

What do you want to chat about?


Live Organised Community | Marcia Francois

The one thing I’ve really been missing for the last two months is connection with people (I’m an extrovert).

I also like variety and shaking things up a bit.

And so, when I was at the hairdresser’s at the end of last month, I started making some notes about what you wanted and told me about in the survey, what I wanted and I came up with a fabulous idea!

The Live Organised Community – a place for you to get support while you move towards a more intentional and organised life.

We’re going to start in August. August is my birthday month – isn’t this a good way to celebrate my 40th birthday?

Have a read here… and please send me your questions so I can keep updating the page.

Also, if you’ve got a name that’s catchier, cooler or more creative, email me. There’s a special gift for you.

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