Your silent to-do list

I like to think of tolerations as silent to-dos.

What are tolerations?

They’re those things that are not glaringly obvious but annoy you a little bit every time you see them or think about them.

And they definitely drain your energy. They also make you feel guilty (I really should change that lightbulb/ clear off that end table/ take that donate pile to the car) or resentful (why doesn’t person X/ Y or Z see this thing that needs to be done?!)

I’ve written about tolerations before and how lovely they were once they were taken care of. Interestingly, one of those tolerations has reared its head again. Grrr.

A toleration for you might not be one for me, and vice versa.

I can’t stand broken things or things out of place or things that have run out and not been replaced (toilet roll, roller towel, soap, etc.) so those kinds of things are my hot buttons. A photo frame or canvas that’s skew doesn’t phase me in the least unless it’s really bad.

Notice your tolerations and how they show up in your life.

  • Do you literally groan out loud when you see a toleration?
  • Does a part of your body tense up ?
  • Do you sigh? Do you frown?

Notice the physical and emotional signs that show up for you.

Now what?

Write these things down on a master to-do list or on my Get it done day list. This is a separate list aside from your House to-do list. The reason is you can knock off a whole lot of these quick things in a short time, and they’re usually really low cost.

Gretchen Rubin often talks about a power hour and that is a really good use of that time to knock off some tolerations too.

So, once you have your list, take an hour every weekend (we all have an hour!) and schedule in your get it done time (I used to do a once a month Get it done day and take 4 hours to knock off a ton of things). If you need money to take care of these things, then set aside some money every month to get some things done.

Who’s ready to tackle some tolerations this weekend?

Tag me on Instagram @organisingqueen so I can cheer you on.

August review, Sept goals and Get it done day

I had a great weekend two weeks ago. It was the Live Organised Community‘s Get It Done Day.

Basically, I created a form, put it in the member downloads area with the instructions/ suggestions, we each decided what we wanted to do, and we did it.

This was my list for the day.

I’m pleased to say I got it all done, not because there’s anything special about me but just because I’d made my list and put it out there. There’s such power in intention. Oh, and I wanted to lead by example 🙂

I got the first 5 things done on the Saturday and I used 15 minutes on Sunday to attend to my birthday card book.

All in all, a fabulous idea for me to tick some things off the list of projects.

As for my August goals:

  1. Increase coaching fees done
  2. Have a birthday sale done
  3. Post about the kids’ party done
  4. Vision board project – done. I wrote 3 posts – 2 published in Aug and the last will publish next week
  5. Get to 90% done on the writing of the time book – done but I need a hook. I’m not sure what my hook is…
  6. Write blog post – top 5 time management books – will publish later this month
  7. Write blog post – top 5 organising books – started planning it and realised I don’t even have 5 excellent ones that come to mind. Might have to be top 3 organising books 🙂
  8. Get more people signed up for Live Organised Community. Big Fat Fail. Not one extra 🙁

September is a really good time to sign up though. The product of the month is Organise your home which is a bestseller in the store.

How did your goals for August go?

Monthly goals | Organising Queen

Business goals for September

  • Write 13 blog posts
  • Finalise the top organising books post
  • 5 Pick my brain sessions
  • Sign up more people for Live Organised Community
  • Read two books for review on this blog – organising, time management, goal-setting

What are some of the goals on your monthly list?

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