Goals review for September

It’s the time of the month where I look back at the past month and set some goals for the month ahead.

Interestingly, because of doing the #konmari on my papers, I found my Amazing Life Workbook and so I started reading through it.

Amazingly (haha!) things I completely forgot all I wrote down, like more sleep and more reading, are happening. And also the Let’s Do This course and Discover Yourself.

I’m going to do another workshop in November where we take stock of what’s happened this year, and start setting intentions for the year ahead. This workshop will be a short one (about 90 minutes), and will take via Skype so that transport/ location/ babysitting/ laziness to drive is not an option).

Basically Goals Night (for the year) on steroids 🙂

I can’t wait!

Look out for early bird pricing in the newsletter soon.

Sept goals review |www.OrganisingQueen.com

September goals review

  1. 70% overall goals reached (still terrible compared to last year’s average of 89% but better than last month’s 62%)
  2. Sleep is still going great – my average was a round 7 hours 15 minutes this month. Two very early flights means I had two short nights.
  3. I almost can’t believe this but I’m completely and utterly up to date with my photos. I only have this weekend’s to edit.
  4. There are too teensy-weensy areas in the study that haven’t been #Konmari’d but the rest of the papers and stationery was all done.
  5. I also wrote a ton of blog posts about this method. I have one more to publish (I need your help if you’ve read the book) and then I’ve put all the links in one post (this is going to be so helpful to me!).
  6. We booked a holiday for the end of the year. Yay!
  7. Just for fun, these were my top 3 performing articles on ezinearticles.com:

10 Must-Have Organising Tools  [view]

Make Your Life Easy With Effective Systems  [view]

Take Time For Self-Care  [view]

Sept goals review |www.OrganisingQueen.com

Lifetime: Top 3 Performing Articles

10 Ways To Increase Your Self-Confidence  [view]

How to Set Healthy Boundaries  [view]

I love talking about boundaries. I wrote about it here and this month, I listened to the audible version of the book again. It was great.

7 Ways to Say No Without Feeling Guilty  [view]

How was your September?

Tell me ONE thing that happened 🙂


Geniuses, Jerry and a fantastic reader question

A good few weeks ago a reader sent me a question wondering about a business owner whose products I sometimes promote.

This business owner clearly has very different personal values than I do and the reader wondered how I reconcile that in my mind as the business owner uses profanity and is very woo-woo, and the reader knows I’m a Christian.

I loved this email and this is my response:

Most business people I follow don’t have exactly the same beliefs as I do. The way I approach this is in a two-pronged way:


1. I listen to my intuition.

Sometimes I land on a person’s site, read just a paragraph and know that this is not the place for me, and I click out. Easy-peasy.

This is usually a person who is vastly different to me and the way I do things.

2. I notice whether I’ve found value in their content or not

Sometimes I find value in about 70 – 90% of what I read/ listen to, and I’m happy to toss out the 10 – 30% if overall the person’s online content sits well with me.

I follow this scripture and it’s stood me in good stead for 21 years. Colossians 3:15 Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.

When I don’t feel right inside, I move on, unsubscribe, etc. I’ve done this a lot over the years.

I will also only work with coaches personally if I resonate with them. As should you!

Some things are an immediate trigger for me and some things aren’t.

For this particular businessperson, I don’t watch the videos where profanity is free 🙂 and if I read a blog post with a lot of f-words seemingly just for shock value, I close the post and mark it as read. And obviously, I’m not at all woo-woo so all  of that I just ignore and move on.

It’s important to note that the things this person puts out without any woo-woo overtures are very solid business advice, advice I have personally benefited from (otherwise I wouldn’t promote that product).

In one product, the entire thing is amazing and there was one page of oracle readings (whatever those are :)). I just ripped out that page and carried on using the rest. Done.

I hope this helped you, dear reader. I really loved your question very much!

(I asked the reader if I could post the question on the blog, masking the identity, and the reader agreed, but also asked that I protect the business owner’s identity, which I think is a fair trade :))

Please share with me how you filter content that doesn’t sit well with you.



And last but not least, some lovely links for the weekend:

1. This was very interesting to read. The daily habits of geniuses.

2. Read the bit about when you start with intention

3. And….a friend sent me this Youtube video. I love Jerry Seinfeld. He uses a word starting with a c (not clutter!) in this clip so be aware.

Tomorrow is our next session of the Let’s Do This workshop and then tomorrow night is my favourite night of the month. It’s GOALS NIGHT 🙂

What will you do this weekend?

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