Yay – it’s annual review time!

The week between Christmas and New Year is, hands down, my favourite time of the year.

That’s because it’s the time I prepare my diary for the next year but, most of all, it’s because I finalise my year-end review and goal-setting for the next year.

Of course, you can do an annual review whenever you feel like it.

I do a review when it’s my birthday in August, and at the end of the year. The birthday one is more about my feelings and other such introspective things, while the end-of-the-year one is about all the other areas of my life.

A colleague of mine paid me the biggest compliment recently (she doesn’t even know it!) when she told me that of everyone she knows, I’m the only one she’s ever met who is this intentional about my goals.

It’s because I firmly believe that if you drift through life, there will be tons of things left undone simply because of lack of intention.

I don’t want that to be me.

I want to hear, “well done, good and faithful servant” and know that I’ve fulfilled my purpose in life.

Anyway, back to the process…

Some of the year-end thinking can be done as you go about your life (in the shower, while driving, etc.) but there comes a point when you actually need to sit down with a gorgeous pen and notebook, or with your laptop, and make the time to write things down.

There’s tremendous power in creating a sacred space for your thoughts, dreams, intentions and goals.

It’s also the perfect time to start the New Year with a clean slate – isn’t that appealing?

I book out a half day every year for exactly this purpose. If that’s not enough time (these things sometimes take a lot longer than you plan), I’ll take another half day.

For my birthday review, two hours is usually enough time for me to do the process justice.

Some of the things I’ll be thinking and writing about are:

  • my biggest accomplishments this year
  • things I definitely don’t want to repeat
  • the things I need to let go of – commitments, relationships, emotions
  • my word/ theme for next year
  • what my definition of success for the New Year will look like
  • and finally, the actual goal-setting

and so on

What about you? Have you created your sacred space yet for goal-setting?

PS remember to grab your free Let’s Do This workbook. I’ve also put a goals mindmap page and a lovely things to do list for all possible types of people out there – those who like their intentions more free-flowing and those who don’t want to think of it as goals.

{Annual review} What went well in 2017?

If you’ve had a rough year, you may be tempted to just scroll on by but hang in there – there are things in your life that went well this year.

I know this because even in my worst years, there were things that were good about it, and so it will be for you too.

Step one of any annual review process for me is to note down what went well about the year.

This year, I wanted to get going and build some momentum before working through my Let’s Do This workbook, which is free if you’ve signed up to my list. If you haven’t yet signed up, go here and I’ll send it out again on Friday, and then I’ll take off all the old freebies and put up this guide for the whole of next year (remember there’s no rule about when to start working on your goals!).

I get my best momentum with thinking things when I start mindmapping. So I wrote in my bullet journal “what went well” and made some spokes for God, family, fitness, fun, friends, house and word of the year. And then I let myself loose and under each spoke, I wrote whatever was on my mind.

Try that and let me know if it works to get you loose with your thinking because sometimes the getting started is the hardest part.

That’s my tip for you 🙂

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As for my 2017, what went well?

  1. I’m hearing God better this year than I did last year. I started journalling and am really enjoying that process too.

2. The kids had great years at school and loved their teachers, we had two lovely family holidays and because they’re a bit older, we’ve been having more family lunches out because they can now behave 🙂 Dion and I have also had date afternoons most months. This month we went to see Bryan Adams so we’re ending on a high!

3. This has been a great year of reading – I will probably end up with about 120 books for the year, and it’s definitely the most non-fiction I’ve ever read in one year (I’m trying to finish on 40 so that it’s nice and neat :)). This alone deserves its own post but do leave a comment if you want to know something specific. These days, I get more questions about reading than I do about anything else

4. I also had a great year of sleep. I track my sleep to keep myself on track (strategy of monitoring works great for Upholders) and I will end the year over my goal of 7 hours 30 per night. It still amazes me that one has to actually be in bed much longer to get real and good sleep of 7:30.

5. I finally started a barre class and will probably end the year with about 60 walks. I’ve tried something the last two months on increasing my steps but let me work on it for another month and I’ll share next year. It’s really working for me though and if you’re not one of those 10 000 steps a day people, it may work for you too. I’ve just started back at Weigh-Less to lose some weight (I do have an actual number but I’m not putting it on the internet).

6. This year I started a book club with a friend and it has been so much fun for me. I still mostly read books no-one else reads but at least once a month, there’s something I can talk about with friends.

7. Speaking of friends, I haven’t had the best friend year but things that have worked really well is scheduling recurring meet-ups/ phone calls (again, the strategy of scheduling works great for upholders), my internal rule of always saying yes to out of town/ country friends, and I’m realising as I write this – this should probably be a post too 🙂

Now tell me, what went well for you in 2017?

Please feel free to leave me questions in the comments.

Goals review for September

It’s the time of the month where I look back at the past month and set some goals for the month ahead.

Interestingly, because of doing the #konmari on my papers, I found my Amazing Life Workbook and so I started reading through it.

Amazingly (haha!) things I completely forgot all I wrote down, like more sleep and more reading, are happening. And also the Let’s Do This course and Discover Yourself.

I’m going to do another workshop in November where we take stock of what’s happened this year, and start setting intentions for the year ahead. This workshop will be a short one (about 90 minutes), and will take via Skype so that transport/ location/ babysitting/ laziness to drive is not an option).

Basically Goals Night (for the year) on steroids 🙂

I can’t wait!

Look out for early bird pricing in the newsletter soon.

Sept goals review |www.OrganisingQueen.com

September goals review

  1. 70% overall goals reached (still terrible compared to last year’s average of 89% but better than last month’s 62%)
  2. Sleep is still going great – my average was a round 7 hours 15 minutes this month. Two very early flights means I had two short nights.
  3. I almost can’t believe this but I’m completely and utterly up to date with my photos. I only have this weekend’s to edit.
  4. There are too teensy-weensy areas in the study that haven’t been #Konmari’d but the rest of the papers and stationery was all done.
  5. I also wrote a ton of blog posts about this method. I have one more to publish (I need your help if you’ve read the book) and then I’ve put all the links in one post (this is going to be so helpful to me!).
  6. We booked a holiday for the end of the year. Yay!
  7. Just for fun, these were my top 3 performing articles on ezinearticles.com:

10 Must-Have Organising Tools  [view]

Make Your Life Easy With Effective Systems  [view]

Take Time For Self-Care  [view]

Sept goals review |www.OrganisingQueen.com

Lifetime: Top 3 Performing Articles

10 Ways To Increase Your Self-Confidence  [view]

How to Set Healthy Boundaries  [view]

I love talking about boundaries. I wrote about it here and this month, I listened to the audible version of the book again. It was great.

7 Ways to Say No Without Feeling Guilty  [view]

How was your September?

Tell me ONE thing that happened 🙂


Six questions for your half-yearly life review

I do a monthly goals review every month before I set goals for the new month ahead.

I find that it helps me take stock of what went well and why, and what I need to work on.

I like to think that if I’m 4 months into the year, then technically I should be a third of the way through my goals.

Well, I know it’s not that simple or straightforward but it helps to have something to aim towards.

We’re nearly half way through the year and my question to you is this – are you on track with your goals?

For me, I’ve done 14 out of 18 business goals (that darn blog makeover is driving me nuts!) and 24 out of 31 personal goals. Some of those 24 are work-in-progress, like I have a monthly goal of keeping up with the kids’ photos by posting to their blog (www.connorandkendra.com) at least 10 times, but I’ve done so every month thus far.

For now, go through these questions with me and answer them honestly. I’ll give you some examples of a typical monthly review below the questions.

The answers were true for me a year ago

Half-yearly Review

1. When I think about the last month, what do I feel? Am I excited, disappointed or apathetic about my progress?

I feel mostly excited like I’m making good progress but I still feel like I’m not moving fast enough.

2. Which areas of my life are working well, which are neutral and which are not doing so well?

Well – Family, Fun, Personal, Friendship
Neutral – Work (day job) and Business
Not so well – Health and Fitness

3. Why? Or why not?

I’m excited by our family goals – we’re ahead of where we wanted to be – but a little bit disappointed by my business goals. My income is not where I wanted it to be and my book is taking longer than I’d like to be totally done. However, I have great clients and I’ve had two media interviews over the last few months.

I’m doing really great in the personal areas – I have plenty of “me” time to create, read, play with my camera and chase the kids around the garden – and to invest in my friendships.

4. What do I need to let go of or are there places I need to lower my expectations of myself?

I need to let go of unrealistic expectations about getting my book out in print faster.

I also need to let go of focussing on the numbers so much and just focus on the joy.

5. What can I do differently to make sure the next four months move me closer to my goals?

Do something every day, no matter how small, to move me towards that book being out and successful.

Stop comparing myself to others!

And a bonus question…

6. How am I living out my word of the year?

I’m doing great on this aspect. I’m really living intentionally and creating memories, fun times, and also enjoying the process of living creatively.

Over to you.

My challenge to you is to answer these 6 questions honestly and then make some consistent changes.

PS I love that the book is done even though it was bugging me so much just over a year ago 🙂

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