Are you my organising twin? Laura is :)

I always thought OrgJunkie Laura and I were organising twins 🙂 We’re also both ESTJ if I remember correctly!

And then she posted pics of her home office and I know we actually ARE twins.

Just have a look – we have the exact two same items of furniture in there. Except I painted mine green 😉 I love this colour – it makes me soooooo happy.

This is a 5-shelf bookshelf which I love because you can close the doors if it gets a bit untidy.

Do you like my sign on the top? I love the colour and the sentiment. That’s my laminator next to it. Connor’s favourite thing to do with me in the study is laminate.

A view from the side…
And then the thing I love the most – my fold-out table. This is how it normally looks, folded down. It’s quite full on the top because I was busy putting together the boxes for Santa Shoebox at the time I took these pics (yes, over a month ago).
But then when you need more surface space for gift wrap, crafting, etc, it extends out on both sides. I only ever take out one side. WOOHOO 🙂

So tell me two things – are there any other organising twins to the two of us?

What’s your favourite piece of office furniture?

Inspiring space #5 – home office

Be prepared to gasp at this thing of beauty!

click the picture to view a full-size one

I told you 🙂

I love, love, LOVE this space because it’s beautiful to look at (don’t you love the splashes of colour?), beautifully organised (where is her paper? :)) and it speaks of her personality.

I had a good dig around her site (almost like looking through your cupboards 😉 and she loves teal.

But the best thing about this is that she visualised her space well before she even moved into this house.

I read an old post where she spoke of exactly what she’d have her office look like one day and this is it!

Fantastic and totally inspiring.

Have a look at all the beautiful pictures on the Katelyn James Blog (she’s a photographer) and be prepared to drool.

Katelyn, it was an honour to feature your inspiring space.

Here’s a button for you to link up your post.


What’s your favourite thing about this space?

P.S. If you want to send me your inspiring space, send me a link or pic to marcia AT

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