My favourite kids stationery – part 2

Favourite kid stationery |

This is part 1.

I loved all the comments on that post – have a read if you like stationery.

But for now, let’s talk about a part 2.


  1. Scissors

Favourite kid stationery |

Particularly, left-handed scissors. I have a leftie and Staedtler makes these wonderful scissors (or so I’m told). They’re about R15 at CNA when they’re not on sale. I love that they look different to the right-handed ones.

My kids also like to play with craft scissors. I bought this pack of 6 about 5 years ago, and they’re still going strong. These are more difficult for Connor but he makes them work, especially with project board.

Favourite kid stationery |

2. Tape

Favourite kid stationery |

Oh man, my kids love tape. I’ve been known to say that a roll of sellotape is the cheapest babysitter out there. R4 a roll at Pep Stores… I buy them at least 2 – 3 rolls at a time. My kids can go through a roll in one sitting.

Try This at Home – don’t say a thing. Just find an empty table. Toss a roll of tape on it, some scissors and some paper from the recycling.

When you look again, your kids will be cutting, pasting, and taping up a storm.

Of course, washi tape is extra-special. I don’t let them at the washi for just anything. After all, washi costs about R30 a roll. But for birthday and thank-you cards, I let them go wild.

3. Glue

Favourite kid stationery |

For gluing things like buttons, fabric, wooden scrapbooky things, googly eyes, foam, etc. the Bostik art and craft white glue is my favourite glue by far. I love it.

For most of the sticking going on around here – again paper, magazines and project board, glue stick is the way to go. My kids go through glue stick like crazy.

I used to buy Pritt since that is what I grew up using, but since it’s expensive and they’re non-discerning users, I now grab a bunch of cheap glue stick from Pep. You know, when I’m buying the sellotape in bulk 🙂

Favourite kid stationery |

Any glue stick will do because nothing lasts long enough.

Confession – I still buy Pritt for me. The one pictured is MINE!

4. Triangular pencils for homework

I may be biased but I think handwriting looks neater if the point of the pen or pencil is thicker.

Look at the pencil on the right vs the normal-sized one on the left.

Favourite kid stationery |

I’ve bought all kinds of pencils over the years – from Woolworths, CNA, Pick and Pay. Basically if I see a pencil and it looks good, I buy it 😉

The blue ones are Rolfes which the kids currently use for homework, my personal favourites (and Kendra’s!) are the silver-grey Faber Castells (I love those tiny rubber grips on the pencil – I actually need to dedicate a post to Faber Castell because I have a marker I bought when I was at Rhodes University 24 years ago that is still going strong!) and then recently, I bought those pink ones. They’re from Bic and come in a set of two.

Favourite kid stationery |

Do you use any of these items?

Which are your preferences?

PS Happy Valentine’s Day for Sunday.

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