Consider making a life admin list

On my #19in2019 list, I have a number of house maintenance items. I googled and had a number of people out to the house to see the work and provide quotes.

Do you know what a frustrating process this has been? You would assume people would want the work but I’ve had to call/ WhatsApp people three times to just come out, keep hounding them for the promised quote, and on and on. I’m much more bored by this state of affairs than you are, trust me 🙂

With all this back and forth, because I couldn’t keep it all in my head, I announced to Dion, “I think we need to make a Life Admin list”.

A life admin list is a fancy name I like to use for a master list that has all the things you need to get done listed on it.

So I made the list, took a photo of it and emailed it to my husband.

Interestingly, he said he felt overwhelmed when he first looked at it but I felt much calmer because the noise in my head was louder than the actual number of items on the page (only 10).

Does a big to-do list make you feel overwhelmed or calm because you can now see what needs to be done?

Here are some benefits to making a life admin list:

  1. you’ll get the noise out of your head
  2. you’ll easily be able to categorise items (phone calls, internet research, errands, etc.)
  3. you can prioritise and see which you feel able to attend to right now, both emotionally and financially
  4. you’ll feel able to tackle them in appropriate time blocks
  5. you can easily delegate/ make a separate Honey Do plea

I attended to 3 of those items fairly quickly: followed up on a start date for the one person who was actually professional in his dealings with us, sent a WhatsApp to another to say something like “thank you for your interest, but we’ve decided to go with someone else” and for the third, I emailed to accept the quotation and suggest a time for the work to happen. 

All that took about 5 minutes.

I share that not to wow you with my productivity, but to show you that we often make things much bigger in our heads than they need to be.

It’s exactly what a Power Hour could be used for. Just get on the phone and sort a few things out, or send a few quick emails. Once things are scheduled, that’s half the battle won.

I promise you – you can do it!

Hit REPLY and let me know when you make your Life Admin List. I’ve posted mine on Instagram; if you post yours too, use the #LifeAdminList and I’ll pop by to say hello.

Power hour

I always have a notebook on the passenger seat of my car. In this notebook, I jot down my commute times to and from work (it helps me to think of it as a race… but a safe race, because I don’t speed), anything interesting I want to remember from a podcast or audio book and to-do lists.

The other day I wrote down 6 items in just 37 minutes (it was a good day!).

I pulled out the page from the spiral-bound book and walked into the building with it clutched in my hand.

My colleague asked about it and I said, “I need a personal assistant. Look at all the stuff I need to get done”

And then I realised that a lot of it could be dealt with in a power hour.

Power hour |

I heard about this concept of the power hour on Gretchen Rubin’s podcast, Happier, and I must say I love it.

A lot of my items – four of the six – could be knocked off with some dedicated online shopping 🙂 – and the other two could be scheduled in my diary or the arrangements could be made in a typical power hour.

The idea is that you don’t put things on your power hour list that you would have to do anyway, but I like the idea of just having the dedicated time to knock off some life admin.

I’ve scheduled my own power hour for Saturday evening.

Do you like the idea of a power hour? Do you currently have one? When is yours scheduled?

Tackling your life admin

I had a nice photo organising post ready to go and then when I was checking through it, I realised that my kids’ school’s is named in some of the photos.

So that will have to move to next week as I upload and fancy up new photos.

In the meantime, let’s talk about life admin.

Life admin is what I call all those pesky things you have to do to make your life run smoothly.

Last week I made a list of 22 items (I just counted) that I needed to do.

Things like buying stamps (yes, I realise I’m the last remaining person who still posts real mail), getting the last of the thank-you cards out, booking medical check-ups, holiday organising, etc.


And I churned out that list in about 5 minutes!

Thankfully, I now only have 6 left and 4 of those are phone calls… so it’s not that bad.

11-01 973

The point of this post is this – I felt like things were much more under control once the list was done. I’ve shared with you before how this always works for me.

Seeing things in writing makes you realise that it’s not that bad and it somehow feels like you’re able to tackle it.

This is actually a master list with a shorter timeline.

So today, why don’t you grab a piece of paper (or the master list from the Time Management Purpose Pack) and make yourself a life admin list.

You’ll feel better having all your little to-dos in one place and TONS better when you can tick them off.

What’s one thing on your life admin list?

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