Let’s talk about this adult colouring craze

I’m not the most patient person in the world. In fact, impatient is probably one of the top 10 words some would use to describe me.

I was also never a child who liked using a colouring book. I liked dot-to-dot, and activity pads like word search and crossword puzzles, but colouring always seemed rather pointless.

So I really don’t get this colouring-in business for adults. All those fiddly lines…. How would you colour properly with standard pencil crayons (colouring pencils)?!

I posted a pic on Instagram – the one below – and a few of you weighed in and told me it’s quite soothing and such.

I do agree because I actually finished colouring this picture on the day I was meant to be studying for exams so yes, it is a great procrastination tool 🙂

One of my twins, Connor, likes colouring so I printed out some of the pages from Leonie Dawson’s colouring book and he and I will do those pages together.

There’s a difference though – Leonie’s pages are not fiddly, and so I can colour with pastels, crayons and colouring pencils.

So then I realised two things… I don’t like to strain my eyes on a so-called enjoyable activity so the designs have to be easy on my eyes, and I really like to use stationery that will bring me joy, not frustrate me.

Now I can enjoy a bit of colouring with Connor (and it helps – he’s a quality time child!) while sneaking kisses, and I can play with lovely stationery!

Do you colour? Have you always enjoyed colouring or is this a new craze for you?

Do you know your love language?


Have you heard of the 5 love languages?

It’s a bestselling book by Gary Chapman and speaks about how each of us has one or two love languages, a primary and secondary, and how we most feel loved when spoken to in this language.

So too, our natural bend is to speak to others in our love language, including our spouses and kids.

However, when we identify and then speak to our loved ones in their own preferred love language, our relationship improves and starts to thrive.

I read two of the books (there’s a whole series now) and I went to a workshop on the love languages for kids and then, in November last year, I also went on faciliation training.

All that to say I am passionate about the love languages because I’ve seen the results in my home with my husband and kids, and I want you to have the same results in your own home.

Most of the parenting challenges we experienced in parenting toddler twins was sorted when we understood and applied the love languages in our kids’ lives.

Are you keen to find out more?


I’m hosting my first 5 Love Languages for children teleseminar on Tuesday 26 Feb from 8 – 9:30 pm and I’d love you to join me.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, you can join me!

Please have a read here

I’ve tried to answer all the questions there could possibly be – if I’ve missed any, just shout and I’ll add to the information page.


I have a time-sensitive offer waiting for you, only til the weekend, so please at least check it all out to make a decision.

Thank you!


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