{Weekend fun} Nail polish notecards

I think we’ve all seen the nail polish marbling of crockery on the blogs…. but I don’t like a mess (!) so I decided to try using nail polish on notecards.

nail polish notecards-003

This is another craft you can do with the kids but as always, I suggest making the thing by yourself first so you at least know how to troubleshoot, if necessary.


  • Nail polish (I used bottles I was about to toss anyway because they’d thickened) – you can use old or newer ones where you don’t like the colour on your nails
  • notecards, gift tags, standard (10 X 15) cards
  • envelopes (if you want to get really cute)


  • Prepare your area with some newspaper or scrap paper underneath
  • Decide on your colours and patterns
  • Have at it!
  • I made some matching envelopes just because they’d be cuter

(these are the cards I did; the kids’ ones are a lot more… colourful!)


nail polish notecards-004 nail polish notecards-005 nail polish notecards-006 nail polish notecards-007 nail polish notecards nail polish notecards-001 nail polish notecards-002

Can you think of any other nail polish crafts?
Would you make these notecards?

If do you make them, post them to instagram and tag me @marcia0608 and #organisingqueen. Thank you!

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