The fantasy cook and baker

We’re busy selling our house and if you’ve sold a house or tried to sell a house, you’ll know there’s lots of cleaning and tidying involved.

I decided to take some pictures of a few spaces in my home to take advantage of all those bright, shiny areas 😉

Cooking and baking fantasies |

When I looked at these photos though, I thought about how, if I don’t watch it, I could very easily drift into being a fantasy cook and baker.

What’s a fantasy cook? What’s a fantasy baker?

It’s someone who sees beautiful recipes in cookbooks, on blogs and on Pinterest, and imagines that she will actually make those things despite knowing full well what type of cook she is.

I’ve said many times on this blog that I do like to eat and that is the reason I cook. I don’t like it when recipes have too many ingredients or require too many processes, e.g. mix this and leave for ___ minutes, then do this in a separate bowl, now add this and then bake in an oven for 45 minutes. Never going to happen, friends. My patience only lasts for prep of 10 minutes if there’s an oven involved, or otherwise 30 minutes overall.

I know my limitations – I’m never going to make a complicated (for me!) recipe. I’d much rather be reading or playing with photos.

I often weed out recipes from my flipfiles – the three plastic folders just in front of the appliance manuals – but I’m starting to think maybe the flipfiles themselves should be tossed. Or maybe I’ll just keep one with a few special recipes from my mother, grandmother and mother-in-law.

I’ll let you know how that little project goes.

Cooking and baking fantasies |

I’m the same with baking. I do drop cookies and only once a year at Christmas, IF I’m in the mood and it’s not too hot, will I do biscuits that involve rolling out dough and cutting out shapes.

I like one-bowl baking, which is why I’m very good at muffins and pancakes 😉

I know this about myself; why, then do I keep these recipes I will most likely never make?

I’m a fantasy baker!

Cooking and baking fantasies |

Who else is a fantasy cook and baker?

Do you actually make all the recipes you gather or are your cookbooks just kitchen “decor”?

This week, let’s give ourselves permission to let go of those expectations we place on ourselves and embrace our perfectly imperfect selves.

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