What I learned in May

I love these monthly round-ups of what I learned.

Last month, I learned that:

I read fewer books when I have too many non-fiction in my batch

I’ve always known that I read faster when I read fiction only but in May, I read a total of 10 books (previous two months equalled 12 books each), 4 of them non-fiction!

Does your reading speed change depending on what you’re reading?

My headaches are hormonal

I tracked the days when I had headaches especially since the weather is cooler, and noticed that they happened on the same two days of my cycle.

Still not sure what to do as my gynae was all “yes, that’s normal” the last time I mentioned it, but at least I’ve isolated it.

Konmari first, then organise clothes

This year I swopped over my summer and winter clothes, and it was SUPER fast. Like in 30 minutes. Here’s a photo of my wardrobe if you’d like to see, and here’s a photo of my long-sleeved tops.

I have a strong suspicion that it’s because I’d Konmari’d before.

You have to act immediately if you want to catch seasonal photos

Autumn in Johannesburg is a tricky beast. One weekend the leaves are still green, the next they start turning, you have a few short weeks of that glorious golden glow and then they fall off.

This year I had a full weekend when the leaves were glorious, and then the next weekend it rained non-stop the entire weekend, and then half the leaves were gone. I still made the most of it and ended up going on 3 photohunts for beautiful autumn leaves.

I have to track my sleep forever ­čÖé

I reached my 3-year Fitbit anniversary on 26 May. More than anything else the Fitbit can do, I most appreciate the sleep tracker.

I’d been easily hitting my sleep goal of 7.5 hours, but I’ve really had to work at maintaining that this month. No idea why but I suspect it has something to do with my natural night owl tendencies.

More on this because I need to focus on sleep in my year of happy project for June as the theme is nourish.

What did you learn in May?

PS Thank you for completely indulging my love for all these photos ­čÖé

What I learned during September

Happy October, blog readers. Hope it’s a good one.

Today is freezing cold in Jhb, my absolutely favourite weather, and so I’ve been smiling the entire morning.

I did my Goals Night yesterday morning before anyone else was awake and here are the top 3 things I learned during September:


It’s always better to talk something out rather than to assume things

You all know our house has been on the market for 6 months now and I’ve been stressing about it. I finally made a meeting with the estate agent to talk through why our house is not selling vs other sold signs I do see going up in the area.

Our conversation was a tiny bit awkward but mostly great because I learned a few things I didn’t know.

I always feel better when I take action

Related to the above, nothing seems to have changed but, aside from that┬ámeeting, I’ve also taken action on a few house-y things and it feels great to make a few phone calls, check a few things, get quotes on a few other things, etc.

I’m fully aware that it’s a control issue. So be it ­čÖé

Realise when you’re┬áthe only one┬ástoking the fire

I invest a lot of time and energy into friendships generally speaking but someone at work asked me if I was the only one stoking the fire. Interesting concept so I gave it some thought and I started holding back just a bit.

The interesting thing is some friends carried on stoking the fire, and some stopped. I realised it fully in September because I don’t think I’ve had such a month empty of socials.

That’s not to say I’m stopping investing in friendships but I’m now aware that in certain instances, if I want the friendship to continue, I’m going to have to do most of┬áthe initiating. I’m prepared to do this but just not as frequently, so where I might have made plans once every two months, every 4 months will have to do ­čÖé


Some other September highlights:

  1. Kendra and Connor had an excellent term at school. They also both got glasses last week after routine eye checks which they have to use for close work (the opposite of me, but Dion is far-sighted too).
  2. I handed over some high-maintenance stuff at work which I’m thrilled about because this specific responsibility┬áhas never been my best work.
  3. Dion and I had a movie date! I think it’s the first one this year (at the theatre) – Bridget Jones’s Baby.
  4. I read 8 books, 3 of them non-fiction. Check out my Goodreads —–>> (the icon on the top right of my sidebar is linked)
  5. I finally finished the series on How I paid off my house in 5 years. Like I said on Instagram, I’m thrilled this is done because it’s done the worst of any of my posts. I want to (secretly) take them down but at least I can now refer people to the blog to read more if they’re interested when we talk in person.

I didn’t intend for this post to be so long, so let’s leave October goals for Thursday ­čÖé

What did you learn during September?

What were some of your highlights?

PS┬áI’m linking this post up here

July review and August goals


July was interesting ­čÖé

It felt a lot worse than it actually was.

But actually, when I stopped and did a proper review writing it all down, I realised that I actually got a lot done.

This is the point of doing a monthly goals review – to stop and notice the things you did do, instead of only the things you didn’t.

2806 PW19 best-002

Just a few highlights:

  1. we had a wonderful family holiday in Ballito – lots of good food, walks, times of connection and reading
  2. we moved house (!) – I think if we did nothing else this is AWESOME ­čÖé
  3. I met up with 5 different friends, all one-on-one
  4. I read 8 books, none of them audible books. I bought 3 books on Tuesday morning because this month is a normal working month, not one where I take 2.5 weeks holiday.
  5. I got my hair done. My appointment was moved out due to the holiday and move, and you know how you can’t WAIT to get your hair sorted again? Yes, that was me ­čÖé
  6. My tax was done!

2806 PW19 best-019

A few goals for August:

  1. Sell old house (please pray – the pray without ceasing praying – for God to send people who will love that house and who can afford it)
  2. Organise handyman to put up shelves and get all our photo frames up
  3. Write the paying off the house post – this may be more than 1 post, depending on how much I have to say.
  4. Participate in #AugustBreak2016 on Instagram. I think this is my third year and I love it. I enjoy the prompts, the community and it’s a good time of year for me as I’m feeling reflective (it’s my birthday on Saturday!) and the weather is still cool enough to wander around getting nice photos.
  5. Organise July photos and select photos from Ballito holiday for printing.
  6. Write for 20 minutes a day.

Over to you.

What are you going to read, what are you going to listen to and what will you do to keep yourself sane this month?

And a very happy birthday to Terisha who started out as a reader and has now become a friend!

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