{Organising} When you know what to do but can’t seem to do it

When you know what to do but life throws you a curveball |Organising Queen

 Another great question from Laura.

I have re-read your book twice this month and I get the ideas, but my own issues right now are preventing me from implementing them and I’m trying to figure out why.

Could you address people who, in theory, know all the organizing tips and tricks, and have ten books or blogs about it on their reading lists, but can’t seem to do it? Does that make sense? That’s me right now, not always… but right now.

Blessings, Laura

To me this sounds like either a case of motivation, customisation or accountability.

If you know what to do and have done it before, it’s definitely not a question of skill or competence. You can do it – you’ve done it before – and you will be able to do it again.

See if any of these questions triggers something for you 🙂

1. Why do you want to organise x, y or z? Are you very clear on your why and how you want it to look/ be?

Get clear on the vision for your space – I want this kitchen to function smoothly so I can prepare and cook meals in under 30 minutes.

2. Are the solutions not motivating you because they don’t feel like your style, or that they will work for your lifestyle?

If there are particularly fussy solutions that you know won’t work for you or your boys, that may be why you don’t feel like implementing them. Try to customise as much as possible, and take your organising style (I talk about this in the book) into account.

3. Do you have accountability or support?

I make a goals list every week (from my annual and monthly goals) and share this list with my accountability partner, Beth. I’m definitely not always highly motivated to do everything on that list but the fact that I”ll be chatting to Beth on a Thursday pushes me over the hurdle to get things done. I don’t want to tell her, week in and week out, that I still haven’t done x or y. Sometimes I have done that though which usually means there’s also something else going on.

A great place to get some accountability and support is the Live Organised Community.


Question of the week about after-supper laziness

I had a great question from a reader about after-supper laziness.

I am honestly not the best person to ask about this since I count down the hours til I can sit after running around the whole day.

But I will say this –

I pack my lunch and the children’s food while I’m preparing supper since I can guarantee my energy will be 50% less after we eat.

I like to plan my day/ evening so that I only have low-key activities after supper, like computer work, so that I can be “lazy” with a clear conscience.

But if I do need to get some things done, I make a list because not much in life motivates me as much as crossing things off a list 🙂

Confession – this year I actually have a “reading night” on my weekly goals list because it’s that hard for me to relax and do “nothing”.

Now over all you clever (and normal) people…

How do you combat after-supper laziness?

Get motivated to organise

This week, let’s tackle some of those tasks around the home and office that we don’t get around to doing.

I’m specifically choosing Quick and Easy tasks so that you can build up some momentum and feel good about getting things done.

What gets you motivated?

Is it MUSIC? Then put on some 80’s tunes to get yourself energised.

Is it COMPETITION? Then challenge yourself and see how many of the tasks you can accomplish in an hour.

Is it being ACCOUNTABLE? Then post a comment telling me what you’re going to do and come back to tell me when it’s done!

Is it SOCIAL INTERACTION? Then make a coffee date with a friend, but ONLY once you’ve done an hour’s organising.

Is it reaching a GOAL? Then reward yourself once you’ve done all the tasks.

Right! So now that we know what motivates you, let’s get to it!

In the home

1. Declutter and sort through all the old magazines. Tear out the articles and toss the rest.
2. Organise your launch pad – that place in your home where you DUMP things when you walk in the door.
3. Collect all the clothes you need to dry-clean, declutter or get mended.
4. Clear off the front of your fridge. Toss the magnets and recipes you’re never going to use.
5. Throw away any old food in your fridge and freezer, and give the surfaces a good wipe down.

And now for some…

Office organising

1. Do your filing.
2. Collect all the bills and invoices from around the home and schedule the payment dates in your planner.
3. Shred any junk mail with your name on it.
4. Organise your desk.
5. Delete 100 emails from your Inbox and Sent Items. There are lots of tips and tricks in 7 easy steps to organise your office 😉

Whatever you manage to do, give yourself a pat on the back!

The best-selling Organise your home ecourse has literally helped people ALL over the world. Are you next?

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