Apparently accountability and parties motivate me – the baby book project

If you follow me on Facebook and/ or Instagram (marcia0608), you’ll have seen me post some projects I called #babybookproject

Birth to 1 Connor 2009-07-28 02-58-09 PM-1

That first year of my twins’ lives were so crazy and baby books were the last thing on my mind. Sometime last year though, I decided that they needed baby books.

To be 100% honest, this crazy idea came about because I saw really cute photo journals. And bought them. I am weak in the face of cute stationery 🙂

Two weekends and they were done.


Yes, I worked like a mad woman to get them done but I did it.

Because apparently accountability (I’d told my friends I was doing it) motivates me. That, and parties.

I also told myself I’m not allowed to start planning the babies’ 4th birthday party til the baby books are done. And I usually start the planning two months before the time, which is May….

So I got them done. I even got another photo album done for that first year.

1020 009

Now that that’s done, I can start party planning.


What motivates you? How do you get yourself moving on projects?

PS Please ask anything you want about the process, etc. and I’ll either write another post or answer in the comments.

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