Organise your photos (or what I learned organising my photos)

Recently I put an item on my to-do list which was to sort out my photo album drawer.

I honestly thought it would take about 30 minutes but it took forever, because photos! memories! Project Life! scrapbooks!

oh my word, what was I thinking? it always gets worse before it gets better

Granny and Kendra loved looking at the photo albums but how did all of that come out of just two drawers?!


This was part of the before. So not bad but I wanted full photo albums in one place and current ones in another space.

After – the complete photo albums

remember these?

After – the current albums and my “speciality” albums (my 40th, pics of friends, etc.)

Both drawers open …

So here’s the thing:

I thought I had excellent photo boundaries. I only print 4 photos per kid per month. And for Project Life, I print about 6 – 8 photos a month, which is really very little. You can read more about my process here.

Still…these children are 8 and my drawers are nearly full. And there’s a whole year – 15 months that is just missing. This is not a very big deal to me since that was actually our life at the time. I have very few pics once I went back to work after my maternity leave and then the pics pick up again later.

I’m now considering the number of photos I print and what I want to do going forward.

Something that I’m thinking of for next year is to just print the 52 project photosΒ of the kids together – that doesn’t cut down on the number but once I have ONE a week, I’m good.

But I will admit it is getting harder to get 4 decent pics of the kids every month. Maybe now is the time to get just one or two a month instead?

I haven’t finalised my thinking on this but I do know I need to cut down.

What do you do? Do you have any ideas for me?

PS I am not a fan of photobooks because of the expense, the time it takes to make them (when you’re not talented with graphic design) and the fact that you have to wait til the year is done to compile it. This way, I can keep up with my printing every 2 – 3 months, and it’s a 10-minute task to put the photos into the albums vs this big task I’ll be dreading every year. I do have photobooks from some old photoshoots.

This weekend – my photo to-do list

Hi friends, have you checked out the Discover Yourself course yet?

I’m really enjoying working through the material too because it really is the most fun.

It’s a pay-what-you-want (minimum $10 til the end of the month) so go grab your copy now.

Thanks for your support.


My computer’s been running slowly and you know what that means to me – yellow flags!

So this weekend I have 3 main to-dos on my list, all about photos:

1. Go through photos from one camera I’ve sold (and this one I want to sell), delete, etc. and transfer to external hard drive
2. Transfer all iphone photos and videos from 2014 (have to edit Dec 2014 first)
3. Transfer Jan iphone photos to computer, work through and then transfer

Photo project weekend |

This gorgeous pink Nikon is for sale. It retails for R3 000; you can have it for R2 500.

For the last two years, I printed my Instagrams as 10 X 15 pics. I super-ADORE that album. I want to do something similar this year even if it’s just to keep on a blog somewhere.

I’ll have to add it to the to-do list to think about.

4. Make a Jan collage and put on the blog πŸ˜‰ My aim is to get the blog post up this weekend too – let’s see!

Do you have anything on your photo to-do list this weekend?

By the way, this gorgeous camera bag is also for sale.

Photo project weekend |

It’s a Jo Totes camera bag and retails for R850. I’m looking for R650 or an offer close. It is almost brand new (I take really good care of my stuff and I haven’t used this bag much… the long strap still has the paper holding it together).

Apparently accountability and parties motivate me – the baby book project

If you follow me on Facebook and/ or Instagram (marcia0608), you’ll have seen me post some projects I called #babybookproject

Birth to 1 Connor 2009-07-28 02-58-09 PM-1

That first year of my twins’ lives were so crazy and baby books were the last thing on my mind. Sometime last year though, I decided that they needed baby books.

To be 100% honest, this crazy idea came about because I saw really cute photo journals. And bought them. I am weak in the face of cute stationery πŸ™‚

Two weekends and they were done.


Yes, I worked like a mad woman to get them done but I did it.

Because apparently accountability (I’d told my friends I was doing it) motivates me. That, and parties.

I also told myself I’m not allowed to start planning the babies’ 4th birthday party til the baby books are done. And I usually start the planning two months before the time, which is May….

So I got them done. I even got another photo album done for that first year.

1020 009

Now that that’s done, I can start party planning.


What motivates you? How do you get yourself moving on projects?

PS Please ask anything you want about the process, etc. and I’ll either write another post or answer in the comments.

Sometimes the best ideas happen quite by accident

We had a photo shoot done recently and I’ve got to tell you… I am in love with it.

Not from a vanity point of view but just that it is so me.

Of course it does help that everybody who sees the pics says they love them πŸ™‚

Connor poking Friday’s eye out… and enjoying it. This is so him!
enjoying a joke
Mummy and Kendra (my snuggle bug)
Love love LOVE!

I’m still deciding which to have printed on canvas.

Part of my process is to print 10 X 15s of the ones I’m thinking of printing BIG just to make sure.

It’s much cheaper to spend R3 a pic to make sure you’re happy with the quality, colour, etc. than to spend R500 on a canvas and it is not exactly what you had in mind.

Last year after looking through pics on my computer I thought I’d have a particular pic printed on canvas. Good thing I had the small prints done because I changed my mind.

Back to this year’s shoot.

I loved so, so many I had 150 printed.

And it has been the best thing ever.

I had an album that takes 100 pics so on Friday night I sat and arranged the best 150 in the album.

Let me tell you… I can’t stop looking through it.

I’ve said before that I think we all (a collective all) don’t print enough pics now that we’re digital.

E.g. When we visited Australia in 2004, we had about 8 rolls of film developed. That’s 288.

Most of those except the obvious duds – I’d say about 250 – are in photo albums.

When we visited Thailand in 2006, we also took hundreds of pics and I have 2 printed. Yes, you read that right – TWO!

And yet I love looking at them.

So I’ve decided on a little project once my Christmas organising is out of the way.

I’m going to haul out those discs and get our travel pics printed and put in albums.

Do you have your photos printed regularly?

How do you display them?

Photos taken by Jeanette Verster (click through to see a few of the others)

5 [31 days] what do you do with all those printed photos?

Adele says: I have a big box full of photos that I need to sort out but haven’t got a clue where to start – that doesn’t include the photos on my computer!!!

pic taken by me in Dublin, Ireland – 2008

Here is my response:

I’m all about having the FEELING of being in control as quickly as possible.

This is why when people’s email boxes are out of control I say make a folder with today’s date and drag everything in there, and then start doing things according to your new system.

How this translates to printed photos is this:

  1. Toss that big box onto a dining room table or similar.
  2. Roughly separate chronologically or by person. I would make a box for my husband’s life pre-Marcia πŸ™‚ and then start sorting our “together” life out.
  3. Don’t get caught out by perfectionism – roughly sort into years, or time periods (university years/ high school years/ years in city X, etc).
  4. Buy a number of albums that all look the same and just start putting those photos into the albums. Don’t worry if July pics are before April – go wild πŸ™‚
  5. Label the albums by years/ events (wedding/ Thailand holiday 2006, etc) and call it a day.

It doesn’t have to be complicated unless you want it to be.

My guess is that you’re so overwhelmed you just want to get those albums sorted once and for all.

Then let’s talk about the digital albums.

I have a coaching client (Hi M) who has a fabulous idea. She only keeps good pics digitally, prints everything and puts into albums. So that’s a couple of hundred photos a year.

We worked together at the end of last year and beginning of this year and got about 5 years of pics sorted and album-ised within about a month.

I’m so proud of her and it’s such a relief to have all her family’s memories neat, organised and in order.

I personally think since the advent of digital we don’t print enough pics.

Let’s print those pics and get them organised.

By the way, one of my favourite photographers, Kristen Duke, has just finished a fantastic series on her blog called Decorating with photos. That link is to the intro post and the individual posts are very neatly categorised on her right sidebar.

Go and get a nice mug of tea, be inspired, and then get those photos on your walls and off your hard drive πŸ™‚

Any other words of advice for Adele?

PS This is a hot topic for me at the moment as I’ve just been through about 12 photo albums picking out pics to get scanned to jpg (I’ve paid a service to do this for me). What a mission but I don’t want to lose memories, especially of my husband’s and my grandmothers who are now deceased.

PPS Please click on the label to see all the other posts in this series.

Confessions of a professional organiser (2) – photos

Be gentle with me.

I have another confession.

Of all the aspects of my life, after the library books (since I wrote that post, I’ve actually been very good about returning them on time. Who knew that airing my dirty laundry would fix my issues???), the next area that is most disorganised is my photos.

Strangely, they probably don’t seem disorganised to the majority of the population but to me, they’re desperately disorganised.

Also, I don’t seem to have a system for printing and displaying photos.

The only time I print some is if either I buy a beautiful photo frame or I’m given one as a gift.

The other day at work someone suggested I get a digital photo frame to display pics of my gorgeous babies (yes, I’m biased).

Immediately I jumped to conclusions and said, “oh, that’s way too expensive” until I heard what it cost – between R500 and R700.

My word, that’s almost nothing when you consider the cost of printing!

I felt like such an idiot though for simply assuming it was out of my budget.

I am now the very proud owner of a digital photo frame and I’m pleased that I (almost) never have to print photos again πŸ™‚

How often do you print photos? What do you do with them?

New photo blog

I’ve decided to do Project 365 this year where you take one photo a day.

As you know, I do like baby steps πŸ˜‰

I’ve already posted my first 9 days and there are some organising pics but if you do want to subscribe and you only want to see the organising pics, then click on the word organising under LABELS.

Here’s the new blog –

Is anyone else doing this photo project?

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